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More Notes on John Riedl

John Riedl is author of Word of Mouse: The Marketing Power of Collaborative Filtering, one of the founders of the company Net Perceptions, and faculty member of the GroupLens Research Group at the University of Minnesota.

He offered four messages and a disclaimer. This messages: Web 2.0 is the social web, people connecting to people, applied social psychology, and the long tail.

The disclaimer is that he does not claim to know what these mean for academic libraries.

He structured his session around the top 10 websites as measured by Alexa. The top 10 are Yahoo!, Google, MySpace, MSN, eBay, Amazon, YouTube, Craigslist, Wikipedia, Facebook and (#11) CNN.

By exploring features of these sites, John highlighted features of the social web including tagging; recursive linking; customer-customer linkages; recommendations; and, scale and speed through mass participation.

Notes by Lisa Hinchliffe