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What a great idea!

Lorcan Dempsy showed an example of the Australian Library Association’s “Picture Australia? which is a depository of images from around Australia and a great resource. Instead of simply posting these photos on the Library of Australia’s website and hoping people would visit and see it, instead they posted it on Flickr. They created a group on Flickr that shows the images and links to the main Picture Australia exhibit. By doing this they have put the exhibit “In the flow? of where the users are. I saw some information on this project at a conference I attended in Syndey and there has been a great response within Australia and around the globe. My question is what are similar successful projects that have been done by CIC or other libraries to put your resources in the flow. I’d love to hear about it.


Hi there

Just wanted to clarify that the Picture Australia flickr project has been intiated by the National Library of Australia and not the Australian Library Association.