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Graduation 2009 -- St. Pierre's speech

"All of us in this room have now been in school for some 20 years--those who were more ambitious in college, a little less, those with PhDs, a little more," said Stephanie St. Pierre at the 2009 Medical School graduation May 2. "Just think of how many people that ends up being who have taught us along our educational paths—from our first teachers in preschool, to those who inspired us in high school, to a university mentor, to a community physician. By my count, that's between 100 and 200 teachers we’ve had in our lives--those who have helped form who we are, who have fostered our interests, who have helped direct us toward this path of medicine. Through our years in medical school, we have learned immensely from brilliant professors and physicians, from each other, and, of course, from the textbooks; but most of all I think our best learning has come from our patients." For the entire speech, go to:
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