October 3, 2005


Im starting to think that remebering to do these Blogs is going to be the most difficalt part of this calls. You get so raped up in geting the more traditional types of homework done that you/I completly forget about this kind of assinment. Does anyone have a good idea to remember to do then?
I Finished my paper tonight, the final revision is really a long and boring process, made up of rereading the entirity of the paper, looking for places i feel it doesnt express the meening i was trying to convay as well as it possibly could.
From there i do my best to fix the gramar and spelling. This is by far the most difficalt step of the proses for me. Oweing to the fact that im very bad at spelling and not very good at gramar. Finaly i attempt to make my points in a short and concis manner, iv been doing this the whole time but now i realy have to work to insure that this is teh case, again any thoughts on this would be helpful. My final coment is does anyone actuly read these completely, im just wondering if anyone in this class goes through and actuly looks at these?

Posted by at October 3, 2005 1:13 AM