October 7, 2005

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Well now we are talken about Mla. I guess its importent to know, but its really uninteresting and i kinda think we could learne it out of the book on our own. I hope that we arnt working on mla to long. What it the next paper about? wow, i dont really like writeing these, i never know what to right about. what are some good ideas for things to write about, i feel like i just repet myself every time. Well the class is going well, im somewhat worried and curise about the grade i got on my paper. I worked hord on it but for some reason its hard for me to write about myself. i can write about others but when i write about myself i always feel stupid and conceted, or i dont know what to put down. I know that is the point of doing it but still it makes for higher levels of anxiaty, esspecaly sence i couldnt figur out how to get the page number and the header to work right. That is my project for this weekend to figure out how to make it work so wish me luck.

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