October 9, 2005

extended deadline

So the extention on your paper is a nice break from homework. It does however worry me that later in the class is going to be reallly really bissy. I hope the school thing turnes out to be fun. It sounds like it will eather be really fun or really lame. im also wondering what kinda stuff we will be writeing about in regareds to this assinment? im not sure if we are where told but i know that i dont know. Are we going to be graded on yoru corespondence or on actule papers we write about it, or both? im not sure which i would porfure, i think both would be the best. that would give us the opportuninty to practice more kinds of writeing. That is something that i think would be very nice to have, finaly where is that place that helps you with your writeing i think i want to go and cheack it out, partly out of cuiosity, but still.

Posted by at October 9, 2005 11:48 PM