October 12, 2005

Lincon vs. Luverne Public Schools

Luverne schools are financaly well off for a public school, which several million dallors still sitting in a back acount earmarked for things that still don need replacing, a new elementary school building, and the majority of the books being only a few years old. Licone in comparison has a high % of free and reduced lunch students (93%) and in a area where few property taxes can be collected. This would imply that lincon has a much high % of its population at or near the poverty line. This would have an effect on students moral there by effecting there abillity to learn. Areas with more poverty tend to have more crime, reducing the childerens feeling of safty at home or at school. These thing are about the atmosphere of a school and neborhood create the learning envioment of a school. they are hard to change but are essental for students abilety to assimule information. Luverne has a quite country feel to the town and a comphotoble safe feeling school, like many non metro school. Students are more willing and able to pay attention bc there feel safe, they trust what the teachers tell them, and they arent concerned about what wil happen once they leave the school other than how there are going to find a good time that night.

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