September 27, 2005

random entry

So the syllabus on web ct wont pull up, it took me a long time to fine my printed copy, o well. The class doesnt seem to be to bad, with a fair work load. Im working on my final draft for my paper now, its really tediuse work. This is my brake from revisons. The most difficalt thing in the class is thinking of what to say in these stupid blogs. Ill get over it, but iv come to the concluse that i like the assined blogs alot better. But back to the paper, i think its harder to write about yourself than about other, especaly when you never think about it. To me its much easyer to see sides of what others have done than what i have. i guess thats probably pritty comone but non the less makes it harder.
Thinkings about what to write about is the most time consuming part of the writeing proces on this paper.

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September 24, 2005


This class isnt to bad so far. Athough the computer part of the class has given me a little bit of trouble. Makeing it hard for me to post things and such, but now the problem seems to be fixed. I downloaded a diffrent web browser.
The crouse work, also, isnt to hard, sometimes its even a little interesting. The only real complate i have so far is that we should have been given the first couple assinments to get the internet working corectly befor he started counting the work as late. Still one assinment late isnt such a big deal, the caciquesces could be much worse. We anyway the class seems like it will be a good class and it should be interesting to see how it develops.
O yeah it was a little dissapointing to hear that we wouldnt get to be pen pales with the kids from an elementary school. That was one of the things I was thinking was going to be fun about this class, o well i guess.

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September 21, 2005

"The things we carry" by danielle Williams

This paper made Danielle seem like a somewhat of a, well of lack of a better word, stupid kid in highschool. To have no concept of the word analyze in the 11th grade! We had to start analyzing im middle school, the idea that he could not even know the word seems totaly alion to me.
From there he goes on to talk about how he got totaly into the class, writeing his own song to use in a presentation. This also seemed silly to me, not only in the academic sence but also in the socil sence. He set imself up of be the judged socily by eveyone and becouse it was for a class most likely in the negative. The other bad thing about this is when you do something like that for a presentation the gradeding is imediatly changed to subjective gradeing, your score will be higher if the teacher likes the song.
In the end i didnt really like this reading. Mostly becouse i cant really relate to much of anything that auther went though. I never, through out highschool, never was in a situation where i felt like givieng up or in one where i was so into something that i would put hours and hours into it valetaraly.

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September 14, 2005


Aria is about a boy named Rchard. He goes to a cathlic school and is tought by nuns. His family speacks spanish at home, so he has to learn english for school. No small takes for any aged person. These two facts had a huge impact on his education. He felt as is he did have a public langue or that he didnt have a langue to use in the general populus.
These nuns went to great lengths to help him. They even went so far as to got to his home and ask for his perants help with geting there childern to learn english more effectivly. This is a intresting pice of writing i dont know if i would go so far as to say i would like it but it was intresting becouse of the interracel aspece. How a non english specking student delts with his difficaltys

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September 12, 2005

Shitty 1st Draft

"Now, practically even better news than that of short assignments is teh idea of shitty first drafts. All good writers write them. This is how they end up with good second drafts and terrific third drafts"

I thought this was cool becouse it almost says that your better off writeing crap and editing it than to painstackingly write the 1st draft so that you already think it has to be as good as it gets. This my be becouse if you know its crap you are more open to the idea of going back in and editing it completely multiple times.

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September 11, 2005


I come from a little town called luverne. It just inside MN 15 min from both the south and west border. i went to elemetary school at the public school there it was fun but i dont really remember much more about it than that. Highschool was a big diffrence, new building and all the new people. The School had about 100 kids per grade 7-12. There wasnt an one teacher i didnt like but there are several classes that i didnt and dont like, for example any science class. Still Art, graphic art, Ph, and such redemed it. The people from my school had the odd combination of being somewhat snoty well at the same time being proued of the fact that they where somewhat hickish or redneckitsh, inface i think several strived for it. But anyway, i have always knowen i would go to callage there was no really time when i dicieded to go it has always just been a given that i would have to get some kid of post secondary education. I picked the U for its Size and deveristy, in otherword the oppiset of where i come from. But the fact that it is 4 hours from home is a good bonus to.

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