October 31, 2005


Collage is good. i went to Luverne highschool, in a town 15 min from but iawa and south dekota. highschool was both alot of work and alot of fun. Collage is a lil harder yet than highschool was but it is way way more fun. my favorit class in drawing, and also like music. i have 4 classes. Do have a favorit class? or a favoit sport? how about this what is your hardest class?

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October 23, 2005

Lincoln student

Hi, my name is Ruston Aaker and im a freshman in the U of M. Im not really sure what i want my major to be, but i guess i still have a year or two to figur that out. Callage is work but its fun enough that its deffanitly wroth it! So what is your name? Tell me a little about yourself, how do you like your classes are there any you actuly like? what kinda stuff are you into, whats fun? And what are you friends like, stuff like that.

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October 17, 2005

im doing this as im writing my paper as a break. I think its going well, so far it hasnt be to hard to think of things to talk about. I finaly got my word working so i can finaly put page # and headers and footers on my papers! that is a very good thing becouse i really really dont want to loss points bc of that. The other thing that is good about me haveing Word is that i now have spell check and im farly sure that will make everyone who has read one of my papers this year very very happy. Im sure they will all agree that will help my papers more than anything else at presnt!

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October 12, 2005

Lincon vs. Luverne Public Schools

Luverne schools are financaly well off for a public school, which several million dallors still sitting in a back acount earmarked for things that still don need replacing, a new elementary school building, and the majority of the books being only a few years old. Licone in comparison has a high % of free and reduced lunch students (93%) and in a area where few property taxes can be collected. This would imply that lincon has a much high % of its population at or near the poverty line. This would have an effect on students moral there by effecting there abillity to learn. Areas with more poverty tend to have more crime, reducing the childerens feeling of safty at home or at school. These thing are about the atmosphere of a school and neborhood create the learning envioment of a school. they are hard to change but are essental for students abilety to assimule information. Luverne has a quite country feel to the town and a comphotoble safe feeling school, like many non metro school. Students are more willing and able to pay attention bc there feel safe, they trust what the teachers tell them, and they arent concerned about what wil happen once they leave the school other than how there are going to find a good time that night.

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October 9, 2005

extended deadline

So the extention on your paper is a nice break from homework. It does however worry me that later in the class is going to be reallly really bissy. I hope the school thing turnes out to be fun. It sounds like it will eather be really fun or really lame. im also wondering what kinda stuff we will be writeing about in regareds to this assinment? im not sure if we are where told but i know that i dont know. Are we going to be graded on yoru corespondence or on actule papers we write about it, or both? im not sure which i would porfure, i think both would be the best. that would give us the opportuninty to practice more kinds of writeing. That is something that i think would be very nice to have, finaly where is that place that helps you with your writeing i think i want to go and cheack it out, partly out of cuiosity, but still.

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October 7, 2005

about the blog

Well now we are talken about Mla. I guess its importent to know, but its really uninteresting and i kinda think we could learne it out of the book on our own. I hope that we arnt working on mla to long. What it the next paper about? wow, i dont really like writeing these, i never know what to right about. what are some good ideas for things to write about, i feel like i just repet myself every time. Well the class is going well, im somewhat worried and curise about the grade i got on my paper. I worked hord on it but for some reason its hard for me to write about myself. i can write about others but when i write about myself i always feel stupid and conceted, or i dont know what to put down. I know that is the point of doing it but still it makes for higher levels of anxiaty, esspecaly sence i couldnt figur out how to get the page number and the header to work right. That is my project for this weekend to figure out how to make it work so wish me luck.

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October 3, 2005


Im starting to think that remebering to do these Blogs is going to be the most difficalt part of this calls. You get so raped up in geting the more traditional types of homework done that you/I completly forget about this kind of assinment. Does anyone have a good idea to remember to do then?
I Finished my paper tonight, the final revision is really a long and boring process, made up of rereading the entirity of the paper, looking for places i feel it doesnt express the meening i was trying to convay as well as it possibly could.
From there i do my best to fix the gramar and spelling. This is by far the most difficalt step of the proses for me. Oweing to the fact that im very bad at spelling and not very good at gramar. Finaly i attempt to make my points in a short and concis manner, iv been doing this the whole time but now i realy have to work to insure that this is teh case, again any thoughts on this would be helpful. My final coment is does anyone actuly read these completely, im just wondering if anyone in this class goes through and actuly looks at these?

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