Waterfront Gateway Design Competition
New Rochelle, New York
Sponsors: City of New Rochelle, New York
Type: open, ideas, two-stage, with possibility of commission in third stage
Eligibility: Architects, planners and students
Language: English
Fee: $100

19 July 2013 - On-line registration deadline
5 August 2013 - Submission deadline, stage I
9 August 2013 - Announcement of 12 stage I winners
23 August 2013 - Stage I winners announce development partner
4 October 2013 - Stage II submissions due
9 October 2013 - Announcement of 4 semi-finalist winners
10 December 2013 - Top-ranked team presents to New Rochelle City Council

Stage III finalists will be awarded $5,000 to fine-tune their designs and present them to the City Council

Design Challenge:
This competition seeks architectural design ideas and a workable development program for a historic military armory, its 2.92 acre site, and potentially three adjacent land parcels in the City of New Rochelle, New York on Long Island Sound's Echo Bay.This first phase seeks visionary proposals and innovative development solutions for the downtown site that links the commercial and residential core of New Rochelle to the waterfront of the Long Island Sound. North of the armory site (in red site 2) sits a large parcel of land marked (in yellow / Site #1) that will become the home to a large development of high-density residences, commercial storefronts and a small park facing the water. Adjacent to the armory site (in purple site #3 and in green site #2) are two waterfront parcels of land that may be assembled for development as part of a unified design plan. They are currently vacant properties but as part of a design proposal can be bundled together to create a single design plan. In addition a fifth site (in orange site #5) is also vacant and could be purchased by a potential developer. Design submissions should consider the significant position of the site as the only downtown parcel of land with a connection to Long Island Sound, its physical and cultural context, opportunities it creates for public waterfront access and possible commercial or nonprofit funding opportunities. Finally, the phase one jury is looking for a proposal that understands the pivotal nature of the site and its potential to lead to a rejuvenation of New Rochelle's downtown and Echo Bay waterfront.

For questions:


Reprogramming Oriel's Social Spaces
Oriel College, Oxford, UK

Sponsors: City of New Rochelle, New York
Type: Expressions of Interest (EOI)
Eligibility: Licensed architects
Language: English
Fee: none

19 July 2013 - Submission deadline for EOI

Competition process:
Malcolm Reading Consultants (MRC) is managing the two-stage competition on behalf of the College. Initially, Expressions of Interest (EOIs) are invited, from which a shortlist of five to seven teams will be selected to work up concept proposals.
Design Challenge:
The design competition seeks an exceptional team for a major project, estimated between £5-10 million, to reprogram the college's social spaces and catering facilities. The competition focuses on the wedge-shaped area that lies between the Grade I listed Hall, Chapel and medieval wall running along Magpie Lane. The site includes the dining hall, bar and social space, kitchen and ancillary facilities.

For additional information, including the registration form, go to:


Salford Meadows Pedestrian Bridge
Salford, U.K.
Sponsors: Salford City Council, RIBA
Type: Open, international, two-stage
The first stage is open/anonymous. Anonymity will be lifted in the second stage where a shortlist of up to three (3) schemes will be asked to develop their design proposals.
Eligibility: The competition is open internationally to registered architects and engineers. Architects should be registered with the Architects Registration Board (ARB) in the UK, or an equivalent, recognized overseas regulatory authority.
Fee: 50£ + VAT
Awards: An equal honorarium payment of £4,000 per shortlisted team

19 July 2013 - End Q&A period
29 August 2013 - Registration deadline
5 September 2013 - Submission deadline, Stage I proposals

Renato Benedetti McDowell+Benedetti, RIBA Adviser
Ian Stewart, Salford City Mayor
Karen Hirst RICS, Development Director, Salford City Council
Darren Kibble RICS, Head of Operations, University of Salford
Phil Mayall RICS, Development Director, English Cities Fund
Les Brown ARB, Regional Project Director, Countryside Properties
Shoaib Mohammad MICE, Director of Engineering, Urban Vision

Design Challenge:
In designing a new pedestrian bridge across the River Irwell as part of Irwell River Park (IRP), led by Salford City Council, IRP aims to create an international waterfront destination that will catalyze the economic resurgence of the Manchester City Region over the next decade, and involves a sub-regional partnership of Salford, Manchester and Trafford Councils. It connects over £3 billion of investment by utilizing the natural connectivity of the River Irwell and Manchester Ship Canal. Over £660 million of investment to date is transforming the riverside environment and creating new opportunities for residential and commercial investment, which will build confidence in future growth.

The Meadows site in Salford covers an area of around 7 hectares and forms the northern anchor of the Irwell River Park project. With 3 new bridges already constructed at MediaCityUK, Spinningfields and Greengate along the 8km stretch of IRP, Salford City Council is now seeking to design a new landmark pedestrian bridge linking The Crescent (A6) with The Meadows. Adjacent to the University of Salford, this new bridge will further unlock the vast development potential of this major corridor linking Salford and Manchester, where game changing projects such as Salford Central and Greengate are already underway.
For information, and to enter, go to:
All enquiries relating to the competition should be directed to:

RIBA Competitions
The Studio (5th Floor)
32 The Calls
++44 (0)113 2031490

New Bode City Hall
Bøde, Norway
Sponsors: Bøde Community, Norway
Type: Open, international, one-stage
Eligibility: Foreign architects in the EU/EEA area must substantiate qualifications equivalent to the requirements given in the Eu's architects directive. Other foreign
architects must substantiate equivalent qualifications.
Language: Norwegian
Fee: none

20 August 2013 - Q&A deadline
1 October 2013 - Submission deadline (12:00)

The jury will determine the allocation of 1,500,000 NOK (approx. $245,000)

Judging criteria:
Criteria to be applied in the evaluation of projects:
  • Architectural quality.
  • Architectural interaction with the existing city hall and the Bank as well as surrounding city areas.
  • Good functionality and internal communication between new and old buildings and between the various departments/functions.
  • Good accessibility (Universal design) for both employees and visitors.
  • Flexibility in relation to future change of use and new requirements.
  • Area efficient solutions.
  • Energy efficient solutions.
  • Cost efficient solutions in relation to the given budget.
  • The concept's resilience and development potential

Design Challenge:
Presently the City Hall district comprises 3 distinctive buildings. This
includes the existing city hall designed by the architects Blakstad og
Munthe-Kaas; inaugurated in 1959, a library designed by the same
architects; inaugurated in 1967, as well as the Bank designed by
Kristoffer Lange; inaugurated in 1950.
The existing city hall and the Bank shall be renovated, while the library
can be removed and replaced with a new building in the back yard.
The tender competition is challenging, both in relation to architectural
design, but also in relation to the demand that the new building shall be
flexible and have a good functional relationship with the existing city
hall building

Contact information:
Bodø kommune v/prosjektleder Snorre Leivseth
Postboks 319, 8001 Bodø
Mobil: 909 75057

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