Exhibit: Tales of Environmental Turbulence


 "Art is that Ithaca, a green eternity, not wonders.  Art is endless like a river flowing, passing, yet remaining."

- Jorge Luis Borges



The Common Trail of Art and Science

Curated by Roslye Ultan

Sean Connaughty.JPGImage by Sean Connaughty

 WHEN - October 17, 2013 - January 6, 2014

WHERE -  Architecture and Landscape Architecture Library
210 Rapson Hall | University of MN | 89 Church St. SE | Minneapolis
Institute on the Environment, Learning and Environmental Sciences
1954 Buford Ave | St. Paul
An exhibition involving 24 artists addressing the intersection of art and science in their work, particularly regarding the environment and sustainability.
About Tales of Environmental Turbulence:
Art and the intersection with the sciences is an endless way of seeing and knowing the world
around us through careful observations of the smallest details to the broad and sweeping
skyscapes, oceanscapes and landscapes. Art is, as are the sciences, full of wonder and the unknown. According to the poet Jorge Luis Borges, "Art is that Ithaca, a green eternity, not
wonders. Art is endless like a river flowing, passing, yet remaining." It is in this exhibition that organizers began exploring this inevitable intersection of disciplines to facilitate a deeper way to communicate challenging and difficult concepts affecting us individually and globally at this time of cultural paradigm twists and shifts.
About the Conversation E-Project:
The exhibition is the second part of a project funded by a mini-grant from the University of
Minnesota Institute on the Environment and GATE (Greening and Art Together Evolving).
"Conversation-E: Science + Art in Dialogue and Service to Sustainability." The first part of the project was an interactive workshop in Cloquet, MN, where artists and scientists explored the changes in northern forests associated with climate change and the research that is being done at Cloquet to quantify the nature of those changes. The University of Minnesota team is led by  Jonee Kulman Brigham, Research Fellow, College of Design; Roslye Ultan, Curator and U of MN Senior Faculty; Peter Reich, Regents Professor, Department of Forest Resources; and Rebecca A. Montgomery, Associate Professor, Department of Forest Resources.
Contact: Roslye B. Ultan, (612) 889-1313, ultan001@umn.edu 
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Exhibit: Tales of Environmental Turbulence
 "Art is that Ithaca, a green eternity, not wonders.  Art is endless like a river flowing, passing, yet remaining." - Jorge…
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