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Reviving the Icon

The Flinders Street Station Design Competition

The winner: HASSELL + Herzog & de Meuron


The competition: 

"Focusing on the need for renovation, preservation and development, the government of the Australian State of Victoria announced a $1M international competition in November 2011, with a goal to revive the landmark site and enhance its importance as the city's gateway public space. The competition followed a two-stage process according to AIA guidelines, with the first round of design proposals submitted by mid-2012 and second round proposals due in 2013."

About Flinders Street Station:

"Since its construction over a century ago, Melbourne's Flinders Street Station has remained as an impressive example of public architecture throughout the city's history. However, the gradual deterioration of the building over the last 50 years has greatly diminished the image of the Flinders Street Station of today. Nevertheless, despite the neglect of the upkeep, the station continues to be used by more than 150,000 passengers every day, with the intersection of Swanston and Flinders Streets remaining to be the busiest intersection in Melbourne."

Read the full article here

Article includes more pictures of the winning design as well as pictures of the six finalists' designs.

Halftime at the Nobel Center Competition

The Adjudication Process Not Completely Anonymous  

"The initial phases of the international architectural competition for a new Nobel Center in Stockholm has concluded; but serious questions have already arisen concerning the adjudication process. According to the competition brief: "the competition (in the first stage) includes an overall design concept explaining how the building will relate to the surrounding urban and marine setting on Blasieholmen. The proposals are anonymous and assessed by criteria in the competition brief. The jury will not comment on any proposal until November 2013 when two to five proposals have been selected to proceed to the second stage of the competition upon which the names of the finalist architects will be revealed. Thus, the finalists will then have the possibility to participate in public discussions regarding the design of the future Nobel Center. The second stage of the competition includes further refinement. A winning proposal will tentatively be presented in April 2014. It will then make the basis for the detailed planning process."

Includes a list of the shortlisted firms and their designs

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