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The Cabin

The Family Cabin

Over 17 years ago my husband took me to the family cabin near Park Rapids Minnesota and it was love at first sight. The cabin is located on a small spring feed lake, so small in fact that on the Minnesota map it is labeled “pond�, but it is very picturesque. I just like to sit and read a book, watching the birds at the feeders or go for long walks along the shore. I would have to say that my “Genius Loci� has more to do with how I feel when I am at the cabin because the cabin calms me and lifts my sprits at the same time. The cabin is not a very big or glamorous place by most cabin standards now a day. The small cabin did not even have indoor plumbing until 1988 which was very strange for a person born and raised in a large city and don’t get me started on the bugs. However, I have been able to get use to the bugs and the cabin has been since remodeled. Now we are able to take our kids to a place were we all can have a wonderful time. My children are able to swim and fish off the dock; we go canoeing, boating and biking on the Heartland trail through northern Minnesota. The cabin has been in my husband’s family for over 40 years and most of the residents are pastors and minister. Not a party lake just a great get away.