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Khan and Gershebfeld

There are many parallels that can be made between the Khan and Gershenfeld readings. There is truth to Khan’s claim that “the language of man is art? and “art being the language before? any other languages because man has an innate need to create. And Gershenfeld with the personal fabrication (PF) program put that power back into the hands of the person that needs the thing the most. If the need exist for just one person than why should that person not be the designer and the user at the same time? However, the PF can also dissemble and reuse materials and this is very prudent and teaches to consume only what we need. Furthermore, the students in the MIT class on “how to make anything? were willing to share there knowledge and leave there findings behind for the betterment of others. So many time designers (meaning all designers not just architects) tend to be proprietary with their knowledge because of the big payoff at the end $$$ or recognition.
But if necessity is the mother of all inventions than is need inspired by imagination? Khan’s thought on inspiration, as I interpret it, was that when we let go of the common means of solving a problem we will be inspired to find or imagine a unique solution to every problem. Khan also mentions the need to be an architect is instinctive and when the designer finished design a space for someone the design should be thrown away and not reused and in this way keeping the design personalized

A short digression
Science fiction has played a part in inspiring invention, think of the female character in the Star Trek series with the portable computation device and now think of the portable workstations used by large companies with radio frequency (RF) technology to download data to their super computers. And my favorite is in the Back to the Future I movie when the professor uses garbage as fuel for the time machine which just happens to be a Delorean. Do you think that will ever happen? Finally, from the Matrix the down load of information needed to fight off the bad guys or do some thing outrageous can be compared to the “just in time? learning process in Gershenfeld’s reading.