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Dear AAS faculty, students, staff, and friends,

I write to invite you to attend "Envisioning the Future of Ethnic Studies at the U of M," on Wednesday, April 20, 2pm, Coffman Theatre.

As you know, Ethnic Studies is under threat across the country during these times of fiscal crisis. At the University of Minnesota, we are striving to increase the visibility of Ethnic Studies and continue our academic, research, and outreach missions. Please join us for an important conversation with key university and collegiate officials, students, staff, and faculty on the future of Ethnic Studies at the U of M.

We would especially like a strong showing of support for Asian American Studies, the newest of the Ethnic Studies units, and the only one that is not a department.

Make your opinion heard. Help us plan for the future. Thank you!

"Ethnic Studies: Envisioning the future of Ethnic Studies at the University of Minnesota" is part of the Whose University campaign (Wed. 4/20, 2pm Coffman Theatre).
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Whose University? Campaign. Whose University? Campaign. Whose University? Campaign. .

The Whose University? Campaign is organizing around three core questions regarding our public education system: Who has access? Who is supported? Whose knowledge is valued? Our call: "equal access and resources for underrepresented groups."

This student led initiative is currently based at the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities. We are hosting a 'Day of Education' April 20th 2011 from 11am-4pm at Coffman Memorial Union. We would like you to attend. Join us in engaging the voices of students, educators, workers, and community members who are invested in the priorities and the future of education within our State.

TO RSVP https://spreadsheets.google.com/a/umn.edu/viewform?formkey=dHEwOGVFWnczOHZxYXJkak1WeVEwVEE6MQ

Event flier and brochure are also attached
See our recent YouTube video release http://www.youtube.com/user/WhoseUniversity#p/a/u/0/eX5UyZ0ciKQ.

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