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November 30, 2004

Javon Walker

Brett Favre's third year slot reciever is having a breakout season thus far. Walker, after having two mediocre seasons as an NFL wide reciever, seems no longer content to accept average stats and performance. In addition to being among the league leaders in yards and receptions (third and thirteenth respectively), Javon has pulled in nine touchdown passes in just eleven games...

His ability to catch the ball in traffic is a perfect fit for the Packer's Hall of Fame quarterback Brett Favre, who loves to throw the ball into coverage. With an average of sixteen yards per catch, Walker provides an explosive downfield threat for the already strong Packers offense. His consistent success has forced opposing teams to take note. He has recently been drawing double coverage by the cornerback and a safety, especially when he's streaking downfield. This adjusted coverage allows other facets of the Packer's offense to operate more freely, and thins the defensive coverage. Currently, Walker is on pace to catch about fifteen touchdowns in the regular season, and gain fifteen hundred yards. If he continues on his path of scorching opposing teams' secondaries, he will quickly find himself part of the upper elite of NFL recievers and on the recieving end of a lucrative contract.

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Purpose Statement

This blog exists to serve one purpose, that is to fairly and accurately examine the 2004 Packers staff and squad, and to assess their ability and potential. This evaluation will concentrate on coaching decisions, overall offensive, defensive, and special teams play, as well as standout individual performances both positive and negative.

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