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July 29, 2005

Walker/Sanity Return

Thank you Green Bay for maintaining integrity in the NFL! It has been reported that Javon Walker, Grady Jackson, and Cletidus Hunt all showed up for a mandatory player meeting earlier this week. This news marks the end of a holdout threat by these players. While the Packers' management has yet to formally dismiss the possibility of contract negotiations, GM Ted Thompson has stated that their position on renegotiation has not changed.

This comes as great news for Packers and Packer fans alike. Not only have these talented players returned to work to honor their contracts, but they have also relieved some harmful stress on the Packer nation. There have been numerous changes made in the Packers organization this season, from a new GM, to a new defensive coordinator, to the loss of several veterans, to the addition of a highly acclaimed rookie QB. It is clear that the Pack have enough issues to worry about, without having to waste time on innappropriate contract disputes.
While this news is clearly a step in the right direction, there is still work that needs to be done. While these players did not officially hold out, they did make their personal contract issues very public. Now these players have to regain their teammates trust in addition to gearing up for the season. Hopefully these players can leave their personal issues in the past and begin to concentrate on what is best for the team.
As far as winning back the fans goes, I think there is only one thing big Grady and Javon can or need to do. FIRE DREW ROSENHAUS! Walker has already made rosenhaus look foolish by completely disregarding his advice to not attend training camp. It's time for these players to take the next step and find themselves an agent with respect for the game of football. Kicking rosenhaus to the curb would immediately win back the hearts of the Packer nation. I know it would put a smile on my face for a good week.

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