August 10, 2005

Moving on!

Here's what happened between last week and now:

-Got the housing situation down for the rest of august. Originally I was gonna live with JEF (in his living room!) until september when we can move to our new duplex, but then I talked to my good friend/racketball buddy/former calc prof - Paul Froeschl! That's right, I'm gonna take the guestroom at his place for 3 weeks, should be good times! Be sure to drop by and say hi at his Snelling house.

-Work. Things have been real good so far. I like pretty much everybody I work with...with the exception of one jerk. He's one of the most pretentious losers I've ever met, and most people in lab seem to agree as well. Unfortunately, we both share the same hood. Two weeks ago he spilled my product over the hood (#$#@%), and last week he flooded the hood overnight (#$%$@ @$^*!@). Talk about good vibes.

-Oh yeah, I'm taking next week off work. Since we start chem grad school orientation on the 22nd, I'm gonna take a well-deserved break for a week before that starts. No plans as of yet, but I'm sure it'll involve a bunch of clubbing and hanging out.

-Got a really crappy haircut earlier in the week. I went to my usual salon, which I like quite a lot, but then my hairdresser decided to let me try something new (for free) so she thought I might look nice with 'dark caramel' highlights. Ouch. The end result was so disastrous I immediately dyed my hair upon arriving home. Remind me not to try this again.

-Da Drink. This monday we made it at 8, meaning we took advantage of the happy hour deals for a good two hours....yeah. It seems that there's always a good bunch of Mac people going on mondays too, but pretty much no one of our original founding group. Sadness!

Alright, that's it for now. Last weekend was actually pretty nice, can't complain about it. Now I should go start packing 'cause we're moving tomorrow.

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August 3, 2005


Yeah, so I realize it's been a while. The last couple of weeks have been kinda hectic, and if you wanna slack off the best time to do it is there.

Anyways, the best news is that earlier this week we finally figured out our housing situation for next year. I'll be living in a cozy and spacious duplex in the Holmes neighborhood (close to Dinkytown) with the crazy Norwegians, Jon Einar and Ole. Hahahah...I'm sure we'll have a blast living together. We got a pretty good deal on the house, it's close to the U and downtown (for all those clubbin' nights), and we all have pretty big bedrooms. The only thing that I still have to figure out is the furniture ...hmmm...might have to do a trip to IKEA by the end of August.

Monday nights are still some of the best. This last monday was one of the best Drink nights in a while - there were tons of Mac people, lots of chem people from work at the U, and plenty of gorgeous people (ahhhh). I drank and danced so much that I ended up blanking out after the bus ride home, and then I woke up the next day at 11 am. I was very late for work, but I'd do it again - hopefully next week!

That's about it. This weekend is shaping up to be quite an interesting one so I'm totally looking forward to it. Just two more days of work!

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