Things that bug me.......

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~ The connector shuttle from westbank to st.paul leaving at 12:15
~ People who lie
~ Parents that put their kids on leeches
~ People who park crooked
~ Reality television
~The little stars that are used to hide nipples in public presentations of porn imagery, as though it makes any difference
~ Drunk people that can handle their liquor
~ Scratches on the lenses of my glasses right where I look through them
~ Some people's insistence on maintaining perfect vacuuming lines in a living room where no living is done

To be continued....... images.jpeg

Design Wallet

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Opportunity Finding Research


Finding my subtheme.........

As I was multitasking with writing this blog, conversing with a friend on Gchat, Texting with another, listening to music and trying to figure what popped up as a subtheme in my previous mind map- I recalled a conversation I had with one of my roommates in Dubai last summer. We we're talking about how some families go about finding the right girls to wed to their highly eligible bachelor sons....and there was so much said that keeps me in awe about that conversation, but I wanted to point out something that i found somewhat relevant to this finding--- it was that often times when middle aged ladies would come visit over for cardamom tea or turkish coffee, they would observe the home they were in to get a feel of how the housekeeper and her daughters valued cleanliness. whether or not windows were clean and shiny? floors polished? Everything in place in a symmetric matter ? ......and if you really wanted to get to the bottom of it, sneak into the kitchen. Is it clean, tidy and organized? or messy, smelly and chaotic? This room specifically was where most of the main daily chores were done (cooking, washing, etc.).

So I left that though swim around in my head a for a while- and then i though, how is this different from the western American culture. There must be similiar factor in this picture that I wasnt aware of. What is one spot in every home that can be very sanctuary to the owner but also a very telling place for the guest?!...

Thats where the the bathroom cabinet comes in..i have personally been to a few of my close friends homes and even family members where it was normal for me to open their and grab something out as I needed, and each one of them had a certain layout/look to their cabinet. Either it was full, plain, messy , really organized, colorful, practical, and included a category or theme of items. I decided to visit three of my friends and look into their cabinets without informing them initially, and then having a little questionnaire afterwards once i confessed my slight creepiness (fyi...these where people i assumed wont get as offended of me looking into their bathroom cabinets!!)

Getting into investigation mode....

So heres the plan- First i would casually visit these individuals, and when I felt the need to use the restroom (or not) I would quickly look into the mirror cabinet and take note of any initial reactions/feelings etc. Then I would write down the items they had placed in there... Afterwards i would casually* confess my little act, they would question but then be totally awsome about it...and we'de begin the questioning!

Here Goes.....

Subject #1

This guy is very simplistic in his own way. The cabinet is very organized yet doesnt look plain or boring.. He obviously likes to smell good at all times (he's got two of my favorite colognes)...

- Cue Tips
-Contact lense case
- Hair Gel
- Eight Colognes

Male or Female?

What do you usually see your cabinet as?
Mirror/storage...I have some of my stuff directly on the sink like tooth brich and tooth paste, but I but the stuff that I value and what to keep in a safe dry place in the cabinet away from water..

How often do you thing you open it on a daily basis?
3-4 times a day

Whats one thing that bugs you about it or that you would like to change?
Not enough room

Subject #2

Holy moly where do I start. I can already spot multiples of similar products. this cabinet is very busy, this person like to have things close to reach...I do notice subcategories, so some organization..

- three+ deoderant
- shaving cream
-Body wash
contact solution
- wipes
-cotton balls
- body spray
- hand wash
-etc, etc etc

Male of female?
Female with Male roommate

What do you usually see your cabinet as?
Everything..mainly storage for things I might run out of..

How often do you thing you open it on a daily basis?
2-3 times

Whats one thing that bugs you about it or that you would like to change?
I cant see everything sometimes, it gets too crowded and things tend to fall out easily when door is open...

Subject #3

Not very interesting considering the owners of this cabinet (I realize I'm experiencing observer bais here wish is effecting my judgments)

- Shaving cream
- Face wash
- Cough drops
- Shave lotion
- Scissors
- Hair brush
- Contact solution
- 3 bottles of excedrin
- 3 other acetaminophen products
- Motrin
- Day flu and relieving ointment

Male of female?
Three males

What do you usually see your cabinet as?
we don't really use it often since most of our stuff is on the sink, mostly for medicine

How often do you thing you open it on a daily basis?

Whats one thing that bugs you about it or that you would like to change? comment...



I realized I wasn't fit for this as much since I had a different source to put all my necessities...but I still followed through as if I did when i was living back home

-Body lotion
- Face Cream
- Eyes Cream
- Deoderant
- Mirror
- Hair volumizing gel
- Leave in conditioner
- Face toner
- 600 nail polishes
- Nail filer
- Pony tail
- Perfumes
- Tweezers
- Hair Cream
- Toothpaste

Male of female?

What do you usually see your cabinet as?
i put everything in there

How often do you think you open it on a daily basis?
at least 5 times

Whats one thing that bugs you about it or that you would like to change?
I would really like if it was divided so that I could be more organizedComb

Identify products for improvement

1. the door it self had pockets where we can place things, makes it more organized
2. can it come in different colors and designers for more attractiveness to take away from plain cabinets....
3. the racks can be stronger or immovable
4. A vending machine like cabinet. that would be cool for those that like to keep multiples of one thing, plus it reduces space


Mind Maps and Humorous Products


Get laughing till you silly make your heart go beep beep..

So I happened to be invited to a game-night event this weekend, which was perfect timing for this assignment. It was a ton of fun and i got to meet some really funny people. Yet for some reason I kept thinking to myself about the process of "getting in a silly/creative" mood, which made it harder than I imagined for to make it happen. I though of a metaphor that I ended up applying on myself- what if your mind is a sink....then water could symbolize your thoughts....well finding inner peace is a bit like pulling the plug on a sink full of water.Thus letting all your troubles, distractions, and so called "problems" wash away. I started thinking of all the possibilities that could support this idea and eventually I got there...I really really wanted to eliminate that for this moment.

Start mind mapping...

As soon as I got home, my head was already keeping track of ideas and creating its own visual map. I grabbed my pen and design notebook and started jotting everything. I spent a whole summer this year at General Electric making process maps for all their products and services- I went back and looked at what I had come up with for employees to use and it extended my pool of ideas...I tried to do the whole think freely without restrictions and filters, which I realize is very difficult for me to do being a logical person...


Silly idea That can make Millions?!

- Head shape sink/ basin on wall (water from mouth)
- Screaming faucet ( the more water you use the louder it screams)
- Dreamcatcher mirror ( lets you see your dreams..if you're forgetful like me)
- A self laundry-doing dish-washing robot
- A bowling ball that rolls on water
- Aquarius tank/faucet (I found the poor little fish sink that similiar..)
- Self-cleaning vacuum basin (material sucks everything on surface)
- Back scrubbing shower
- Soap that evaporates and smells like cup cakes
- Roman greek statue that can be placed for decoration but also turn into a portable washing tool.

I can't wait to take the sketching class so I can actually draw decent examples of these..

Poor Little Fish Sink- Designed by Yan Lu

Basically, conserve water or the cute little fish will die....

Agrabah's Date Cookies


Initial thoughts: Ramadan had just recently finished..I have alot of dates at home, how can I make something nummy...Oh remember when you visited home (iraq)...Nana's special magic cookies....hmmm

Well here goes...


For the dough: 2 cups of white flour 1 cup of whole wheat flour ½ stick of butter 1 packet of yeast 1 cup of water 1 teaspoon of salt

For the filling: ½ pound of pitted dates, coarsely chopped 2 tablespoons of butter 1 tablespoon of water

For the coating: 1 egg yolk 3 tablespoons of sesame seeds (optional)

To make the dough: Soak the yeast in the water for 10-15 minutes. Melt the butter; while it is melting whisk the flours and salt in a mixing bowl. Whisk the melted butter into the yeast and then add that mixture to the flours. Make it into smooth dough but do not over mix. Cover the dough with a plastic covering and let it rise for about 10-15 mins. Preheat the oven to 400 degrees and line two cookie trays.


To make the filling: While the dough is rising, gently simmer the baking date, butter and water in a saucepan, stirring frequently for 3-5 minutes to make a soft mixture. Remove from heat and let it cool.

To form the cookies: When the dough is ready, roll it out into a rectangle shape and flatten.Place a row of the date filling about an inch size at the center, gently gather the edges of the dough over the filling and press them together. Turn the other side of dough over and press it gently to flatten. Cut the rectangle to pieces ...I chose triangles. brush each piece with egg yolk, and if you want also add a sprinkle of sesame seed on top. Bake for about 10 minutes on the middle shelf and then 5 more minutes on the top, until golden brown.





This made about 18 cookies. Enjoys !

PS-Excuse the current dysfunctionalism found in my images. This is only temporary promise :)

PDES 5701

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