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Get laughing till you silly make your heart go beep beep..

So I happened to be invited to a game-night event this weekend, which was perfect timing for this assignment. It was a ton of fun and i got to meet some really funny people. Yet for some reason I kept thinking to myself about the process of "getting in a silly/creative" mood, which made it harder than I imagined for to make it happen. I though of a metaphor that I ended up applying on myself- what if your mind is a sink....then water could symbolize your thoughts....well finding inner peace is a bit like pulling the plug on a sink full of water.Thus letting all your troubles, distractions, and so called "problems" wash away. I started thinking of all the possibilities that could support this idea and eventually I got there...I really really wanted to eliminate that for this moment.

Start mind mapping...

As soon as I got home, my head was already keeping track of ideas and creating its own visual map. I grabbed my pen and design notebook and started jotting everything. I spent a whole summer this year at General Electric making process maps for all their products and services- I went back and looked at what I had come up with for employees to use and it extended my pool of ideas...I tried to do the whole think freely without restrictions and filters, which I realize is very difficult for me to do being a logical person...


Silly idea That can make Millions?!

- Head shape sink/ basin on wall (water from mouth)
- Screaming faucet ( the more water you use the louder it screams)
- Dreamcatcher mirror ( lets you see your dreams..if you're forgetful like me)
- A self laundry-doing dish-washing robot
- A bowling ball that rolls on water
- Aquarius tank/faucet (I found the poor little fish sink that similiar..)
- Self-cleaning vacuum basin (material sucks everything on surface)
- Back scrubbing shower
- Soap that evaporates and smells like cup cakes
- Roman greek statue that can be placed for decoration but also turn into a portable washing tool.

I can't wait to take the sketching class so I can actually draw decent examples of these..

Poor Little Fish Sink- Designed by Yan Lu

Basically, conserve water or the cute little fish will die....


Oh no! Don't kill the little fish! That certainly is one way to get people to conserve water, and so is your screaming sink idea! Nice job branching out your mind map. Many of your silly ideas I would be all for - like the dish and laundry doing robot and the cupcake soap. You covered a span of ideas there. The water bowling would be lots of fun!

I really liked how many levels your mind map branched off into... you started with some obvious connections (faucet, place) and took them to some neat associations (strawberries, dreamcatchers). The bowling ball that rolls on water is a pretty fun idea... and that poor goldfish in the sink! Oh dear!

Hi Sarah #1 : ) First I have to say that I love the fish bowl sink picture. It is very inspiring to make you want to conserve water and I like that some of your 10 product ideas went down that path. I also totally understand your difficultly in thinking without restrictions. Even when you are just writing an idea down, it is hard to do it when you think it is ridiculous and goes against the logical part of your brain. I'm going to suggest one thing to you. So even if your sketches are simplistic and you think they are bad, you should definitely do them anyway. You can only learn by doing and pictures definitely help get your idea across.

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