Correctional officer found dead in prison chapel

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By Octavio Abea
A female prison guard was fatally strangled at a Washington prison while alone on duty Saturday, authorities said.
Officer Jayme Biendl, 34, was found in the prison chapel and was not responding. She was declared dead on the scene, reported CNN. According to KGW Biendl was the only guard in charge of the chapel and the inmates that were present. Her boyfriend said the chapel was the place she was most worried about, because she often described it as overwhelming.
CNN reports that Byron Scherf is the only suspect at the moment. He was discovered in the chapel lobby claiming he was trying to escape during the routine head count, but changed his mind.
Scott Frakes, the superintendent, is hard pressed to find that his system did not call for her immediate search when she was attacked. Union Secretary Tracey Thompson points out sacrifices that have been made for the financial situation as a serious problem, reportred KGW.

1 Comment

Octavio: You are generally doing a good job with the blogs. Keep it up. GG

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