Lesbian couple able to participate in pep-fest after case dismissmal

By Octavio Abea
A settlement was reached in a lawsuit against Champlin Park High School Sunday allowing a lesbian couple to walk in the Snow Day's event.
The Star Tribune reports that Desiree Shelton and Sarah Lindstrom, the couple who filed the lawsuit, were able to reach an agreement with Champlin Park High School after a mediation session that lasted for six hours.
The conflict sparked after the two were elected to be in the school's royalty court. Their plan was to walk as a couple, but they were denied and were told by the school that participants could only walk alone or with an adult, according to the Pioneer Press.
The school, in an attempt to make everyone comfortable, ended up isolating Shelton and Lindstrom. Shelton told the Star Tribune how now "[she's] feeling great about this whole situation" which shows both parties are now satisfied with the results.
Mary Olson, district spokeswoman, told the Pioneer Press that they strive to keep communities inclusive as well stick to the objective of honoring students.

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