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Chipotle fired 450 workers once singled out by audit

By Octavio Abea

Chipotle says it fired 450 workers in Minnesota who could not prove they could work in the U.S. after an audit from Homeland Security targeted the restaurant chain.

When Chipotle was chosen for review they gave their employees an opportunity to prove that they were able to legally work. The company added that although this is standard procedure they may have employed unauthorized workers without their knowledge, the Star Tribune reported.

The audit happened last year and Chipotle only disclosed that the firings were in the hundreds, but a recent filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission reveals the actual figure, Fox News reported.

The Star Tribune reported that Chipotle employed 1,200 workers all over Minnesota before the audit took place.

The Department of Homeland Security is now targeting Chipotles in Virginia and Wachington D.C. to see if their employees are legally able to work as well, Fox News reported.

Multimedia options

By Octavio Abea

For this analysis I looked at the New York Times and The Wall Street Journal

For the NYTimes I found a multimedia option for a story about the violence in Libya. This multimedia option was not just a slideshow with corresponding text on the side, but it had audio clips to compliment it as well. The writing for the pictures followed the structure of first descrbing what happened in the image and then expanding on it in the next sentence. The audio was a narrative of the reporter's experience in Libya done by the reporter himself, which I thought was an interesting touch. The slideshow had very powerful images and really opened up the story that it was found on.

In the WSJ I looked at a story about the small protest in Beijing that was immediately stopped by authorities. Their multimedia option was also a slideshow, but this one did not contain any audio. The writing followed the same structure where they described the action in the image and then expanded with some background info. These pictures were also powerful and really made the straight-forward story more dynamic.

Protests in Morocco demand greater democracy

By Octavio Abea

Thousands of young protesters from many different political views banded together in Rabat, the capital, on Sunday to speak against the thousand-year-old monarchy.

The protesters were asking for King Mohammed VI to give up some of his power to end the hereditary monarchy as well as focus on stopping corruption in their government, the Los Angeles Times reported.

As the plea for democracy continued no signs of violence were ever present as they marched through the capital because of the almost non-existent presence of the police, The Wall Street Journal reported.

Almost all of the protesters said they did not want a revolution, but instead a change in the constitution that represents the people more closely, the Los Angeles Times reported.

Moracco is still viewed by many expert analysts as a country that is immune to the wave of extreme uprisings because of the passive tolerance given to the protesters. There is also a strong presence of pro-government organizations as well, The Wall Street Journal Reported.

Man kills wife, then officer in a struggle

By Octavio Abea

A man killed an officer with his own gun during a struggle right after he killed his wife and shot himself in a car in Poughkeepsie, New York on Friday, according to authorities.

Police Chief Ron Knapp said that Lee Welch, 27, shot Jessica Welch, 28, in the head and then shot himself in the chest before taking his 3 year-old daughter with him on foot, The Wall Street Journal reported.

Once police caught up with Welch, the 44-year-old John Falcone, an officer and 18-year veteran, was shot in the head with his own gun when he tried to arrest him, The Associated Press reported.

The Wall Street Journal reports that the already wounded Welch committed suicide by shooting himself in the head and left their daughter unharmed.

Jessica Welch was in the process of moving away because of Lee Welch's alleged abusiveness. They were going to exchange a car, but Lee Welch acted out violently during the planned meeting, The Associated Press reported.

New teaching license clears path for new teachers

By Octavio Abea

A bill is moving through the legislature that makes teaching licenses alternately available through non-profit organizations.

WXOW reports that this bill makes it possible for new young teachers to obtain licenses without attending the traditional teaching colleges that have been in use.

Governor Mark Dayton has expressed concern that these new licenses will yield teachers who are unprepared to teach their subject, KSFY reports.

Supporters claim that this will help solve the teaching gap between races, but critics say that there is no evidence showing that these new teachers will be any more capable, WXOW reports.

Dayton points out that the bill has no requirement for these non-profit organizations to partner with existing colleges, which he says is essential, KSFY reports.

Girl Scouts inside bank during robbery

By Octavio Abea

Two Girl Scouts were trying to sell cookies when a man entered the Minnetonka TCF Bank and tried to rob it Friday.

According to Jeff Sebenaler, the Minnetonka police captain, the man walked into the bank at 11:30 a.m., waited in line, and then demanded all of the teller's 50s and 100s, Fox 9 reported.

KSTP reports that the hooded man did not pull out any weapons or make any indication of even being armed.

A woman and her two daughters were trying to sell cookies at the bank during the incident, Fox 9 reported.

The man is, who still has not been caught, left the bank empty handed and did not hurt anyone, KSTP reported.

Couple awaits trial for death of 4 year-old

By Octavio Abea

A Massachusetts woman along with her boyfriend have been arraigned for the suspected killing of her 4 year-old daughter.

Lymari Acevedo, 27, and Richard Castillo, 33, have been accused of assualt and battery on a child and permitting injury to a child, but they have both pleaded not guilty, Fox News reported.

The police were called to the apartment at 5:43 p.m. because the child was unresponsive. She was brought to the hospital, but she was already dead, Boston reported.

Fox News reports that bruises were found on the child's chest, thigh, arms, and one on her back that appeared to be the hand print of an adult.

The family doctor confronted the couple about physically abusing the child a month ago, but this was never referred to state agencies even though the couple never came back for a follow-up visit, Boston reported.

Follow up stories analysis

By Octavio Abea

There are two distinct angles seen in these two stories from the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times covering the killing spree that took place in New York.

The Wall Street Journal had the earlier article that covered more of the breaking hard news aspect of the story. The lead can be seen as a typical hard news lead with the action displayed right away. Although, the lead is a bit lengthier, but that's only because the amount of information that made the story different and interesting was plentiful.

The New York Times wrote the follow up story, which has a completey different tone than the former. This lead immediately tells the reader about one of the victims and her refusal of the killer's romantic advances, which isn't the meat of the story, but it makes for a different angle. Instead, this story is about the signs that people in the neighborhood noticed before the murders took place. At the end of the article they summarize the charges and the events that took place.

The second story advances the news by getting comments from people in the neighborhood that knew the killer before the incident. This makes for an interesting and clean follow up to an otherwise violent event.

Minnesotans enjoy some fresh air

By. Octavio Abea

An encouraging drop in adult smoking rates occured from 22.1 percent in 1999 to 16.1 in 2010 thanks to the Freedom to Breathe Act and a number of other anti-tobacco measures, according to a study released Thursday.

The study, which was done by the Minnesota Department of Health, interviewed 7,057 participants by phone and found a steady decrease in adult smokers while at the same the state saw a 40 percent decrease in cigarette sales, Bloomberg Business Week reported.

The survey also found that the number of people who have been exposed to second-hand smoke inthe past week has gone down from 57 percent in 2007 to 45 percent in 2010, according to the Star Tribune.

Bloomberg Business Week reports that Minnesota implemented an extensive anti-smoking campaign with not only the Freedom to Breathe Act, but also the higher cigarette taxes, public education campaigns, and quit-line services.

Raymond Boyle, director of non-profit anti-smoking group Clear Way Minnesota, told the Star Tribune that this survey is the first one that demonstrates the results of all of the measures Minnesota has taken.

Iowa teen dies after collision with snow plow

By Octavio Abea

A Riceville, Iowa teen dies after colliding with a snow plow near the southeastern Minnesota city of Spring Valley on Sunday.

Brooke Elliot, 18, was in the passenger side seat when the car clipped another driver in front of them who was turning left. They clipped one more vehicle before crossing into the oncoming lane and crashing into a Minnesota Department of Transportation snow plow, the Globe Gazette reported.

Elliot, the recently elected homecoming queen of Riceville High School, was pronounced dead at the scene, according to Fox 9.

"We are a close-knit school and community, and she willed be missed," Greg Adams, the principal of Riceville High School, said to the Globe Gazette.

Fox 9 reports that everyone was wearing seatbelts and no alcohol was involved, according to the state patrol.

New York man in custody after killing spree

By Octavio

A New York man is in custody Sunday and facing charges after killing four people and injuring two others in a 28-hour rampage, which ended when he was subdued on a subway train, according to authorities.

Maksim Gelman, 23, stabbed his stepfather, ex-girlfriend and her mother to death then ran down and killed a pedestrian in a stolen Lexus. He later stabbed a driver that he carjacked and stabbed a passenger on a subway train before being arrested, according to The Associated Press.

The Wall Street Journal reports that in trying to track Gelman down hundreds of police officers worked overnight Friday until Saturday when he was subdued.

The incident began around 5 a.m. Friday in the predominantly Russian neighborhood Brooklyn's Sheepshead Bay, The Associated Press reported.

Ray Kelly, the New York City police comissioner, described the rampage as horrendous and bizzare in a conference, according to the Wall Street Journal.

Women rally across Italy for Berlusconi's resignation

By Octavio

Thousands of women rallied together against Silvio Berlusconi, the prime minister of Italy, because of his alleged track record of misconduct.

An investigation that began in January against Berlusconi claims that he paid for sex with the 17 year-old Karima "Ruby" El Mahrough and later asked for her release from jail after receiving theft charges, CNN reports.

The Independent reports that in over 230 city squares across Italy celebrities, campaigners, and politicians joined the women in their fight against Berlusconi's past actions including surrounding himself with pretty starlets at private parties.

Mahrough's former roomate admitted that she confided in her and said that Mahrough did in fact have sexual relations with Berlusconi, CNN reported.

Iaia Caputo, who is part of the protest's organising committe, told The Independent that This recent scandal shows Berlusconi's political system of sex in exchange for power.

Man dies in cockfight accident

By Octavio Abea

A California man died after being stabbed by a rooster that had a sharp blade attached to its leg from a cockfight being held in the man's house Sunday.

Jose Luis Ochoa, 35, was apparantly stabbed by the rooster in the right calf and died two hours later, reported the Los Angeles Times.

USA Today reported that the illegal cockfight was interrupted by Talure County Deputies. Everyone, including Ochoa, fled the scene where five dead roosters were found.

California is a frontier for animal cruelty awarness being the first state to ban the use of battery cages to hold egg-laying hens in 2008, according to the Los Angeles Times.

County court records show that Ochoa had recently paid a fine for owning or training an animal for fighting, USA Today reported.

Sources and attributions

By Octavio Abea

In this story by the New York Times they talk about a new website that has emerged from the defectors of Wikileaks in order to compete with Assange.

The sources used range from statements directly from the former employees of Wikileaks, statements from Assange, and thoughts from an author who specialzes on the internet and its effect on government.

The reporter of this article spreads the attributions evenly throughout the story. Each attribution is followed by a section that elaborates on what was said which really fleshes out each statement. The reporter makes sure to give each statement context as well. This is because this story is not only about the newly formed website, but also about the disagreements between Assange and his former employees.

I felt this structure was very effective. I had no trouble following where the article wanted to take me. There was a clear progression in tones and ideas even though there was a lot that the reporter had to juggle.

Judge orders mediation in SweeTango Dispute

By Octavio Abea

The judge orded Friday that the University of Minnesota will enter a 60-day mediation session with local apple growers over the future of the SweeTango apple.

Judge Lloyd Zimmerman dismissed almost all of the claims made by local apple growers which described an unlawful monopoly created by the University over the SweeTango apple, according to the Star Tribune.

One of the only claims left in place by Zimmerman was that the Univeristy entered an exclusive agreement without the chance for the apple growers to be heard, or violation of federal procedural due process, reported the Minnesota Daily.

The Star Tribune reports that Zimmerman has given both sides 60 days to mediate the charges in order to avoid undue time, energy and expenses.

The SweeTango apple was created by crossing the Honeycrisp and Zester apples and is expected to replace the Honeycrisp in popularity, according to the Minnesota Daily.

Dozens of homes engulfed by bush fires in Western Australia

By Octavio Abea

Firefighters struggle to contain bush fires in Perth, Western Australia which have already destroyed dozens of homes.

Although there have been no casualties the bush fires in Perth, the capital to the state of Western Australia, has claimed 40 homes and damaged 19 other properties, according to The Telegraph.

Bloomberg reports that the fire has covered 1,086 acres and is moving at a rate of 300-feet per hour. "There is a threat to lives and homes. You are in danger and need to act immediately to survive," said the Fire and Emergency Services in a statement.

Australia has been victim to a string of extreme weather conditions which include a flooding disaster weeks before and a catagory five cyclone that struck Queensland shortly after, reported The Telegraph.

This is the second year anniversary to the Black Saturday Bush Fires which occured on Feb. 7 and killed 173 people, the Bloomberg reported.

2 suspects arrested after Youngstown shooting

By Octavio Abea

Two suspects have been detained after a shooting took place at a fraternity in Youngstown killing one and injuring 11 Sunday, according to Police Chief Jimmy Hughes.

The Wall Street Journal reports that the two suspects have both been charged with 11 counts of felonious assault and one charge of shooting into a residence. Their names have not been released, because the investigation is still in progress.

Jamail E. Johnson, 25, was the only individual to be fatally wounded. All other victims have been released from the hospital except for a 17-year old girl who recieved a critical wound to the head, according to The Associated Press.

The shooting took place around 3:30 a.m. Sunday in a private fraternatiy not located on the Youngstown State University property, reported The Wall Street Journal.

Christopher Cooper, the legal officer for the fraternity, told The Associated Press "(Johnson) was an excellent, excellent young man, and our loss runs deep."

Fireworks celebration sets hotel ablaze in China

By Octavio Abea

Two towers of the three-building Dynasty Wanxin complex in Shenyang, China were set ablaze Thursday during a Lunar New Years' fireworks celebration.

The fire, which was sparked by the traditional fireworks celebration, began in tower B at 12:13 a.m. and spread to tower A of the complex that houses a five-star hotel, reported Xinhua.

The Wall Street Journal reports that there were no resulting casualties from the fire, according to officials.

Police officials said that fireworks ignited material on the outerwall of the complex, but they are still investigating other causes and unaccounted losses, according to Xinhua.

Two years ago the China Central Television building in Beijing was claimed by fireworks for the same Lunar New Years celebration, reported The Wall Street Journal.

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