Chipotle fired 450 workers once singled out by audit

By Octavio Abea

Chipotle says it fired 450 workers in Minnesota who could not prove they could work in the U.S. after an audit from Homeland Security targeted the restaurant chain.

When Chipotle was chosen for review they gave their employees an opportunity to prove that they were able to legally work. The company added that although this is standard procedure they may have employed unauthorized workers without their knowledge, the Star Tribune reported.

The audit happened last year and Chipotle only disclosed that the firings were in the hundreds, but a recent filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission reveals the actual figure, Fox News reported.

The Star Tribune reported that Chipotle employed 1,200 workers all over Minnesota before the audit took place.

The Department of Homeland Security is now targeting Chipotles in Virginia and Wachington D.C. to see if their employees are legally able to work as well, Fox News reported.

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