Couple awaits trial for death of 4 year-old

By Octavio Abea

A Massachusetts woman along with her boyfriend have been arraigned for the suspected killing of her 4 year-old daughter.

Lymari Acevedo, 27, and Richard Castillo, 33, have been accused of assualt and battery on a child and permitting injury to a child, but they have both pleaded not guilty, Fox News reported.

The police were called to the apartment at 5:43 p.m. because the child was unresponsive. She was brought to the hospital, but she was already dead, Boston reported.

Fox News reports that bruises were found on the child's chest, thigh, arms, and one on her back that appeared to be the hand print of an adult.

The family doctor confronted the couple about physically abusing the child a month ago, but this was never referred to state agencies even though the couple never came back for a follow-up visit, Boston reported.

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