Man kills wife, then officer in a struggle

By Octavio Abea

A man killed an officer with his own gun during a struggle right after he killed his wife and shot himself in a car in Poughkeepsie, New York on Friday, according to authorities.

Police Chief Ron Knapp said that Lee Welch, 27, shot Jessica Welch, 28, in the head and then shot himself in the chest before taking his 3 year-old daughter with him on foot, The Wall Street Journal reported.

Once police caught up with Welch, the 44-year-old John Falcone, an officer and 18-year veteran, was shot in the head with his own gun when he tried to arrest him, The Associated Press reported.

The Wall Street Journal reports that the already wounded Welch committed suicide by shooting himself in the head and left their daughter unharmed.

Jessica Welch was in the process of moving away because of Lee Welch's alleged abusiveness. They were going to exchange a car, but Lee Welch acted out violently during the planned meeting, The Associated Press reported.

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