Multimedia options

By Octavio Abea

For this analysis I looked at the New York Times and The Wall Street Journal

For the NYTimes I found a multimedia option for a story about the violence in Libya. This multimedia option was not just a slideshow with corresponding text on the side, but it had audio clips to compliment it as well. The writing for the pictures followed the structure of first descrbing what happened in the image and then expanding on it in the next sentence. The audio was a narrative of the reporter's experience in Libya done by the reporter himself, which I thought was an interesting touch. The slideshow had very powerful images and really opened up the story that it was found on.

In the WSJ I looked at a story about the small protest in Beijing that was immediately stopped by authorities. Their multimedia option was also a slideshow, but this one did not contain any audio. The writing followed the same structure where they described the action in the image and then expanded with some background info. These pictures were also powerful and really made the straight-forward story more dynamic.

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