Protests in Morocco demand greater democracy

By Octavio Abea

Thousands of young protesters from many different political views banded together in Rabat, the capital, on Sunday to speak against the thousand-year-old monarchy.

The protesters were asking for King Mohammed VI to give up some of his power to end the hereditary monarchy as well as focus on stopping corruption in their government, the Los Angeles Times reported.

As the plea for democracy continued no signs of violence were ever present as they marched through the capital because of the almost non-existent presence of the police, The Wall Street Journal reported.

Almost all of the protesters said they did not want a revolution, but instead a change in the constitution that represents the people more closely, the Los Angeles Times reported.

Moracco is still viewed by many expert analysts as a country that is immune to the wave of extreme uprisings because of the passive tolerance given to the protesters. There is also a strong presence of pro-government organizations as well, The Wall Street Journal Reported.

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