China invites North Korean heir says South Korean spy

By Octavio Abea

Kim Jong-il's youngest son and most potential heir has been formally invited to visit China although it is not known when, a South Korean lawmaker said Saturday.

Kim Jong-un, who was promoted to a four-star general last year, is likely going to accept the invitation, the lawmaker said, Reuters reports.

This information came from a security agency briefing, which also noted that North Korea was tightening security as a response to the protests occuring throughout the Middle East, BBC reports.

North Korea's official media have been in the process of a campaign that brings Kim Jong-un into the spotlight as the next best possible leader, according to South Korean officials, Reuters reports.

China remains North Korea's only ally and has backed them through their artillery shelling of South Korea, which killed four people, and the accusation of sinking one of the South's naval ships, the BBC reports.

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