Hazelnuts recalled after E. coli contamination

By Octavio Abea

Hazelnuts in certain bulk containers allegedly contain E. coli and are being recalled by the California distributor, Minnesota Health and Agriculture departments said Friday.

Defranco & Sons located in Los Angeles, which sold the nuts nationwide and to Canada have recalled their hazelnuts on the suspicion of E. coli contamination even though no detections have been found, The Associated Press reports.

Seven cases of E. coli infections have occurred with three of those being men over the age of 50 living in Minnesota, but they have already recovered, the Star Tribune reports.

E. coli symptoms usually consist of abdominal cramps and diarrhea, while children and the elderly have the highest chance of developing a life-threatening complication, The Associated Press reports.

The investigation has now moved to farms in Oregon that produce the majority of the hazelnuts in the U.S. since the E. coli source has not been found, the Star Tribune reports.

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