Minnesota sex offender asks for his freedom

By Octavio Abea

A convicted sex offender with over 90 offenses pleaded in court that he should be under supervised release through Minnesota's controversial sex offender program Friday.

John Rydberg, 69, would the first to be released through this program that was started in 1994, but he would first have to be approved by a three-judge panel, the Star Tribune reports.

"I'm a recovering sex offender," Rydberg said, "I offended sexually. I'm not cured. I have it managed," the Pioneer Press reports.

Brian Southwell, Rydberg's attorney, makes the argument that he has proved he deserves the public's trust after spent more than 30 years in prison and in treatment, the Star Tribune reports.

The Pioneer Press reports that Rydbergs's assaults have been extremely violent including his last one that occurred in 1979 in Blue Earth County where he raped a woman at knifepoint, but his program workers still recommend his release.

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