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China invites North Korean heir says South Korean spy

By Octavio Abea

Kim Jong-il's youngest son and most potential heir has been formally invited to visit China although it is not known when, a South Korean lawmaker said Saturday.

Kim Jong-un, who was promoted to a four-star general last year, is likely going to accept the invitation, the lawmaker said, Reuters reports.

This information came from a security agency briefing, which also noted that North Korea was tightening security as a response to the protests occuring throughout the Middle East, BBC reports.

North Korea's official media have been in the process of a campaign that brings Kim Jong-un into the spotlight as the next best possible leader, according to South Korean officials, Reuters reports.

China remains North Korea's only ally and has backed them through their artillery shelling of South Korea, which killed four people, and the accusation of sinking one of the South's naval ships, the BBC reports.

Protests in Morocco demand greater democracy

By Octavio Abea

Thousands of young protesters from many different political views banded together in Rabat, the capital, on Sunday to speak against the thousand-year-old monarchy.

The protesters were asking for King Mohammed VI to give up some of his power to end the hereditary monarchy as well as focus on stopping corruption in their government, the Los Angeles Times reported.

As the plea for democracy continued no signs of violence were ever present as they marched through the capital because of the almost non-existent presence of the police, The Wall Street Journal reported.

Almost all of the protesters said they did not want a revolution, but instead a change in the constitution that represents the people more closely, the Los Angeles Times reported.

Moracco is still viewed by many expert analysts as a country that is immune to the wave of extreme uprisings because of the passive tolerance given to the protesters. There is also a strong presence of pro-government organizations as well, The Wall Street Journal Reported.

Women rally across Italy for Berlusconi's resignation

By Octavio

Thousands of women rallied together against Silvio Berlusconi, the prime minister of Italy, because of his alleged track record of misconduct.

An investigation that began in January against Berlusconi claims that he paid for sex with the 17 year-old Karima "Ruby" El Mahrough and later asked for her release from jail after receiving theft charges, CNN reports.

The Independent reports that in over 230 city squares across Italy celebrities, campaigners, and politicians joined the women in their fight against Berlusconi's past actions including surrounding himself with pretty starlets at private parties.

Mahrough's former roomate admitted that she confided in her and said that Mahrough did in fact have sexual relations with Berlusconi, CNN reported.

Iaia Caputo, who is part of the protest's organising committe, told The Independent that This recent scandal shows Berlusconi's political system of sex in exchange for power.

Fireworks celebration sets hotel ablaze in China

By Octavio Abea

Two towers of the three-building Dynasty Wanxin complex in Shenyang, China were set ablaze Thursday during a Lunar New Years' fireworks celebration.

The fire, which was sparked by the traditional fireworks celebration, began in tower B at 12:13 a.m. and spread to tower A of the complex that houses a five-star hotel, reported Xinhua.

The Wall Street Journal reports that there were no resulting casualties from the fire, according to officials.

Police officials said that fireworks ignited material on the outerwall of the complex, but they are still investigating other causes and unaccounted losses, according to Xinhua.

Two years ago the China Central Television building in Beijing was claimed by fireworks for the same Lunar New Years celebration, reported The Wall Street Journal.

Somalis to be tried for piracy in South Korea

By Octavio Abea
Five Somalis accused of priacy were flown to South Korea Sunday after being captured by special forces on a hijacked cargo ship.
The Samho Jewelry was hijacked by Somali pirates Jan. 14 only to be taken back by South Korean special forces after killing eight of the hijackers and rescuing all of the crew members, according to The Associated Press.
The five men were flown to Seoul and will be tried for maritime robbery and attemped murder, reports BBC News.
Although the entire crew aboard the cargo ship was rescued the captain was dealt a non-lethal gunshot wound to the stomach, The Associated Press reported.
The men, who first claimed to have had no involvement in the hijacking, say they were just following orders and were not the ones who shot the captain, says BBC News.
Officer Eum Jin-kyung told The Associated Press that even though they captured the pirates in the Arabian Sea it is with their code to prosecute foreigners who commit crimes against their citizens.

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