Woman Induced Labor so Dying Husband Can See Daughter

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By Octavio Abea

A Texas Woman had induced labor so that her dying husband would be able to see their daughter before his last moments.

Mark Aulger, while hooked up to an oxygen mask in the hospital, was able to hold his daughter, Savannah Aulger, in his arms before slipping into a coma the next day, ABC News reports.

Diane Aulger gave birth to Savannah Aulger on Jan. 18 with Mark Aulger in the same room, rested in his bed, to be able to support her, ABC News reports.

Mark Aulger had recently survived colon cancer through chemotherapy, but his lungs deteriorated in the process and could not inhale or pass oxygen to the rest of the body, The Dallas Morning News reports.

On Jan. 23 Mark Aulger died with his family nearby and his daughter under his arm, The Dallas Morning News reports.

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