4-year-old Found Alone in House Fire; Mom was at Casino

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By Octavio Abea

A Minneapolis mother left her 4-year-old boy home alone during a fire while she was at the casino and is now facing a felony charge of child neglect.

Authorities said Yeng Moua, 44, told them that she left her four kids at home around midnight to go to the casino Jan. 3, KSTP reports.

According to authorities Moua also said that she was aware that her boy would be alone when she came back home in the afternoon because the other the kids would have gone to school by then, KSTP reports.

The boy, who has been known to start fires, was with a neighbor when he was found by firefighters and had suffered burns on his nose, the Pioneer Press reports.

The neighbor was the one who saved the boy from the burning home, the Pioneer Press reports.

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