Google Launches Street View in Israel

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By Octavio Abea

Google launched their "Street View" service in Israel Sunday while accommodating security and privacy concerns from officials after months of deliberation, Google Israel said.

Meir Brand, managing director of Google Israel, Africa and Greece, said at the official launch on Sunday that they take security very seriously, and through very productive meetings ensured that people's lives would not be at risk, The Jerusalem Post reports.

A panel of government ministers took six months to create security guidelines before reaching an agreement with Google last August, the Associated Press reports.

The service covers public areas in Israel's three biggest cities and has implemented technology that blurs peoples' faces, license plates, and sensitive areas such military zones and the prime minister's home, The Jerusalem Post reports.

Israel slowed down the "Street View" process because of the concern that it could be used by terrorists like the Islamic Jihad militant group that said they used Google Maps to aim rockets, the Associated Press reports.

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