Minneapolis Teachers Approve New Contract

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By Octavio Abea

Minneapolis teachers approved a new contract Saturday that satisfies some union demands to improve teaching and the school board will be voting on the matter Tuesday.

The contract adds and hour a week, four extra school days, and two preparation days during the opening week of school in order to remove distractions that hurt their ability to teach, MPR News reports.

"We have a lot of good things that will be good for students, for teachers, for schools and for the district overall," Lynn Nordgren, president of the Minneapolis Federation of Teachers, said, the Star Tribune reports.

The contract passed with 83 percent of the voting member's support, Nordgren said, MPR News reports.

The additional time given to teachers will add up about $3,000 a year for the typical teacher and raise district costs 6.4 percent to $17.1 million, the Star Tribune reports.

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