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Midtown Market

When I went to the Midtown Market this weekend, I was amazed by the different cultures in such a small place. The Mexicans next to the Greeks, and the Chinese next to the americans. This place made me think about how this small market is the blueprint for a better world. If we all come together and share our cultures with everyone, maybe we wouldn't be out there killing and destroying other communities just because they don't agree with us.
I found the energy in this place to be quite vibrant. I went at lunch time so there we lots of people everywhere. I decided to have mexican food, because since i've tasted real mexican food before, I wanted to experience the authenticity. It was as close as they could get with the ingredients they had, but over all it definetly hit he spot!
After lunch I decided to take a stroll throught the whole market and notice details I hadn't when I came in. The lighting in this place is very "sun-like". I think they wanted to get a sense of an outdoor market, indoors. I love the exposed ceiling, it's very industrial, and clashes very well with the old-town plaza vibe the place emits. All of the stands are colorful in their own right. The mexican candy stand succeeds in their goal of atracting as many children as possible. It is filled with different types of mexican and no-mexican candy that catch your eye as you walk by.
I absolutely enjoyed all that this market had to offer, the food, the people, the different cultures. I would definetly go there again, but maybe not right at luch time!