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October 23, 2006


"We all die." She says,"The goal isn't to live forever, the goal is to create something that will."

4. Oppositions of permanence and entropy

It is time and timelessness in the physical realm or to have a visionary, imagianry,or fictional idea.

Duration of Construction and the Lifespan of Architecture

How someone could create something that would still be remembered when he/she died.

Resolution-Let the opposition sculpt the form
Solution-Antonioi Gaudi

Even though Gaudi has been dead for many years, his legacy is still with us today due to his amazing creations in the architecture field. One of his many creations that he left is the Church of "La Sagrada Familia". This invention has been under construction for more than 100 years, and it is still not done. Due to the intrecasy and the detail of his work, the church is a magnificent representation of how much Spaniards respect the catholic church.
This is a solution to the opposition because it recognizes the opposition or the problem and works with itby letting the problem shape the solution.
019 - Sagrada Familia - Gaudi side.jpg

October 8, 2006

frameworks, clockworks and phenomena

A tree

the different shapes and sizes of the trees
the different shapes and sizes the fruit of the tree.

life cycle of the tree
from the time that the seed is planted to growing into a small branch, and then completing it's cycle by giving fruit.

another clockwork could be the seasonal changes that the tree goes through every year. from shedding it's leaves in fall, and then growing them back in the spring along with fruit.

the color or shade of the leaves. you will never know nor predict what hue the leaves will have
the color or shade of the fruit
the shape the branches will take

October 1, 2006

My Genius Loci

Genius Loci: In Roman mythology, it was the protective spirit of a place. It was often depicted as a snake. In contemporary usage, "genius loci" usually refers to a location's distinctive atmosphere, or a "spirit of place", rather than necessarily a guardian spirit.
Usage: "Light reveals the genius loci of a place."

As I read the article of Gunius Loci, I started to think about my own place and how it realated to this theory. I decided that my genius loci space is the family room of my house in Edina, MN. Why? Well, first of all there is a big screen TV! need I say more. No, the real reason is because it is where all my family gathers on Sunday night. Every time I walk into that room I am reminded of all the good times I have spent there. As the definition I have posted above, Genius Loci is the spirit of the place or the atmosphere, and my family room has a friendly, cozy and comfortable feel and atmosphere.
The lighting is also very important. There is a wood-burning fireplace which my family lights every sunday night in the winters. This creates a warm and inviting atmosphere which enhances the Genius Loci.I sometimes do homework in the family room. It is a very relaxing place, and it helps me concentrate.

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