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Mother of all Blogs


By breaking the word technopolis, we have "techno" which derives from technology and "polis" which comes from the greek city or community. If you put these two together, you have the idea of a city or community revolving around technology. I have provided two examples that will further explain my understanding on this.

1. M.I.T. ( Massachusetts Institute of Technology)

This is a community that is involved and oriented on the research and development of technology in our world today. People that come to this institute are interested in learning about the involvement of technology in our world and how it can bettered through technological advances.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

This is an MIT student. As you can clearly see he has filled his life with technology.

2. Middlebrook's 5th floor

For all of you unlucky souls that don't live in middlebrook (west bank dorm) i'll give a quick summary of how the floors are separated. There are 12 floors and each floor is divided by major, or interest. For example, I live on the 12th floor a.k.a the penthouse ( the best floor EVER!) and along with the 11th floor it makes the "West Bank Art House". My example relates to the 5th floor, this is the IT (Intitute of Technology) floor. The 5th floor, just like MIT, revolves around technology.


As you can see here, the IT or 5th floor a.k.a. the floor you go to when you have computer problems, is working hard on their engineering homework that deals with quantum physics and thermodynamics. ~Notice the guy on the far right chugging orange juice, they did an experiment that if you start feeling a cold coming on you must drink 2 gallons of orange juice to balance the vitamin C in your body to help antibodies kill the virus.~



As Lance Lavine stated in his lecture, humans want to be close to nature, and feel a desire to connect with it through their technological advances. Such is the example of the window, and how humans created such invention to keep incontact with the world outside. Even though we still want to obtain technological advances, we want to connect with our primitive past to keep us aware of all we have achieved.


Other examples that deal with this idea, would be Microsoft Windows. This is a gateway of knowledge that allows us to expand our minds with different views of the world.