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As I finished reading these article I quickly realized the sole similarity that both of these were talking about: education. As I read Gershenfeld's article, I noticed that all of the inventions that he was talking about were linked to education because to create this such things, one must study and learn how to build them and why. Gershenfeld talked about his personal opinion on class structure. He believed that there shouln't be any organization, which would allow the students to interact in a more casual environment.

On the other hand Kahn disagrees with Gershenfeld's idea of a disorganized classroom. Kahn believes that the learning institutions should use student's potential to the highest degree. And also that these same institutions should not focus on money or financial issue because it takes the focus away from the most important goal, which is to teach the students the best of best.

If I had to agree with someone, I would take the positve sides of both of these authors, and merge them together because I believe that both have interesting points of views,a nd both could work in different situations.