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$1 Million Reward Posted for Dorner

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The city of Los Angeles posted a $1 million dollar reward today for ex-cop, Christopher Dorner. According to the CNN, Dorner was "accused of killing three people in a vendetta against his old department." The chief of the Los Angeles Police Department is referring to the situation as domestic terrorism.

CBS News said that it is only a matter of time before he is caught, but each day is another chance of him to attack.

Dorner poses a huge threat to the city of Los Angeles. This is the largest reward that the city has offered, said the LA Times.

Saturday Mail Delivery Plans to End in August

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The United States Postal Service announced on Wednesday that they will be ending mail delivery on Saturdays, starting in August. Financial stress has forced the industry to move to a five day a week mail delivery, and the Washington Post said that this change will save approximately $2 billion per year.

According to the Los Angeles Times, the U.S. Postal Service will continue to deliver packages and keep locations open on Saturdays, but "email has reduced the need for standard mail delivery and businesses have shifted to online billing and payment systems, they have been left with more workers and post offices than the volume of mail can support."

This move will not affect the general public as much due to new technology, but according to Forbes Magazine businesses and marketers will be taking the biggest hit. "[M]arketers and businesses and brands and on and on are going to have to get creative alright for they will soon have one less day in their customers' and prospects' mailboxes," said Forbes.
Businesses are already putting strategies in place for dealing with mail change.

Boy Scouts Reconsider Policy Against Gay Members

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After receiving many complaints regarding The Boy Scouts of America's policy of not allowing openly gay members, the organization is rethinking their position and possibly revoking the rule.

According to CNN, the Gay & Lesbian Alliance have been trying to stop the ban since April. Much of the organization is sponsored by religious affiliations, which may cause issues with the policy change. However, CBS News says that those organizations "would be able to decide for themselves how to address the issue.

Although they reaffirmed their stance against homosexual members just last year, USA Today says that the policy could be revoked "as early as next week."

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