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FMG%20in%20english%20only.jpgThe act or process of assimilating; state or condition of being assimilated.

To me, assimilation means observing something new and making it your own.

Assimilation has a big effect on refugees. Some of them leave their culture and adapt to the American culture. Some bring the culture with them but still have to assimilate to the American culture. For instance, the guy (Moses) that came from Liberia in K.C's class had to adapt to the American culture. Once he came to America assimilation had a big effect on him because things were very different here than in Liberia for him. Moses had a very tough life when he was in Liberia. The rebels took over the government so he had to find his way out of the country which led him to the closest refugee camp. He stayed there for about 13 years without job until he had the opportunity for a shot to come to the United States. To be able to come he had to pass the interview process which he did pass. Refugees from all over the world come to the United States for a better life, or education because they have no choice to stay in their country. Assimilation can be a good thing or a bad thing for refugees depending on their situation. For example, some refugees have to leave their culture behind because of what happened in their country or of something here that might violate their culture. But for some refugees it could be a good thing because they get to live a better life just as they wanted it, or having the education they want to be able to be whatever they want to be.

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