Technology, Man's New Best Friend

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I think that this program was indeed a work of broadcast journalism. I think that the points made are best emphasized through this form of journalism becuase honestly if it was through print it wouldn't have made as much of an impact. Some of the strengths of this program are how the points are emphasized. For example it shows how students attempt to multitask all the time and the effects it has. In addition it has data to back it up. It is relevant to us as college students becuase all of us have attempted to do it without thinking of the impacts it has. Plus we all think that we can do it but in fact we really can't and we aren't doing all the tasks as well as we think we are. Some other strengths this program has is how they have people giving thier opions about the topics from first hand experience and its people that the viewers can relate to. In addition another strength it had was how the information was so shocking. Not many people realize how dependent they have become on thier technological devices. Some of the weaknesses of this program were how they really didn't provide solutions for this problem of technology overload. They pretty much just stated what the issues were and how great of an effect they are having but they really didn't get in depth for how this can be solved or what needs to be done. In addition it seemed at times to be a bit scattered. I felt that sometimes they dragged things on that could have been summarized a lot quicker and more concise than they were. Also sometimes they didn't clearly identify where certain facts or data were coming from.
This program really did make me things differently. For example I realized how attached I am to my laptop and phone. Or how often I try to get more than one thing done at a time. I saw that I was attempting to get so much done at once that I wasn't paying attention to detail and just focusing on getting things done. However, as a college student with so much to do it seems like the only solution. However I have decided to just take one thing at a time and finish it and then go on. In addition I have limited my younger brothers time allowed on the computer or watching TV. I have made sure that he is playing outside more and interacting with real people more than digital people. Like Todd Oppeinheimer, author of The Flickering Mind said, "My concern with this digital media is that it's such short attention span stuff that they get bored."
This program does depict my generation perfectly. Just walking through Coffman you see the exact scenes that were on the program. Everyone is on thier laptops, computers, ipods, etc. Most of the time people are on their laptops and phones at the same time or listening to music while reading online and it goes on and on. College students feel that they have to multitask in order to get things done on time becuase they have so much to do and so little time to do it in.

Two reporters at the Start Tribune reported on two different speeches given by President Obama. An associated press story by Ray Henry reported on the recent firing of educators at a Rhode Island school. I did like the lead in this story becuase I felt it caught my attention becuase it had novelty. It's not everyday you have schools firing teachers everyday. Although it didn't necessarily contain proximity it was still relevant becuase it could happen in Minnesota next especially since there have already been educational cuts. I didn't like how he didn't put that many quotes from the president's speech though. I felt like it would have reinforced the story more if there had been some direct quotes mixed in there. The information provided was a good overview and there were adequate details.
Another associated press story by Phillip Elliott discusses how President Obama's speech covers how in oder for businesses to thrive and be number one they must have a unified agenda and come together to agree on certain matters. The lead in this story was good too. It was catchy but it didn't necessarily provide me with all the information that I needed. I did want to read more but i wasn't satisfied becuase I didn't know the overall general idea of the article. I just knew that it had something to do with businesses. I did like how this reporter did publish direct quotes from the speech. I felt like it added emphasis on what the article was talking about. This didn't really hold much relevance to me necessarily but it is an important issue for the nation that needed to be addressed.
I personally liked how Elliott did his story compared to how Henry did his. Even though I liked Henry's lead more becuase I felt more briefed at the beginning of the article. However I think that Elliott incorporated the presiden'ts speech better into his story. By putting direct quotes in I could get a better grasp of the speech and what was actually discussed compared to Henry's story where I felt like it was just his spin on the speech and not directly from the source itself.
The content in the two stories is completely different. They are both discussing issues that need to be bettered but when is dealing with educational aspects and one is dealing with business aspects. I think the educational one could have been more technical and provided more insight into the story but I do feel that the business one over cluttered the stories in certain parts. In addition Elliott may have overused the quotes in some sense becuase in parts I felt like he was just writing the speech down instead of reporting on it. It was the opposite with Henry though where I felt like he may have not even have attended the speech due to the lack of quotes.

WHISTLER, British Columbia - An overnight snowstorm forced ski officials to postpone Tuesday's men's super-combined race for nearly a week and call off women's downhill training, the latest shuffling to the Alpine calendar at the Vancouver Olympics.
I really liked this lead becuase it gave me all the important details that I needed to know right at the beginning. It told me the what, when, where, and why all right there. Its direct and straight to the point. It's not cluttered with meaningless information and gives me a concise overview of what the article consists of. Its straight facts so that doesn't leave much room for creativity but it gets the job done and tells me what I need to know about the article. It's not fun or witty but for a story like this I really don't think you need that, I think that you just need a summary of the events and whats going on with them in order to make it a good lead. It doesn't leaving you asking any questions however it does make you want to read more so you can get the details and specifics. I believe this lead did an excellent job for the article.

Women's hockey: U.S. thrashes Russia 13-0

VANCOUVER, British Columbia -- The only mom on the U.S. women's hockey team is teaching her youngsters to be respectful and generous to opponents who don't have as much talent.

I liked this lead becuase I felt that it was interesting and would get me to read the rest of the article. However as I read the article I realized that this lead didn't really have much to do with the story. I felt like it didn't give a general enough outline of the story in one sentence that would allow the reader to get a sense of the rest of the story. However I felt like the lead was catchy and would have probably gone really well with a profile story maybe. But its not the right lead for a story discussing on the U.S. beat Russia in hockey. It doesn't give an overview of that or foreshadows that this is what the story is about. The story does reflect some of the lead but it's not the majority of the story. I would have added more detail about the U.S. versing Russia on the ice and the final score and maybe a sentence about the only mother on the team. But I wouldn't have made the lead all about that.

Flu activity remains low in Minnesota

The Star Tribune reported on Wednesday that even though two schools in Minnesota have been declared to have had an outbreak of flu-like symptoms, the overall flu activity is still low within the state. This outbreak means that at least 5 percent of the students at the school are absent or that 3 or more students are absent from the same classroom because of some illness that is flu related. The Minnesota Health Department have stated that there have been no new deaths related to the illness recently. Even with the flu laying low people should still remain cautious and get vaccinated becuase there may be a third wave of swine flu in the spring.
This has great relevance becuase witha school as populated as the U of M there is a lot of contact with other students and the swine flu is a serious matter that has been going around, so students need to stay informed and know what they can do to remain safe.
This story has proximity because it is discussing the flu statistics in Minnesota, the state in which we all reside at this time.
This story has impact becuase a lot of people have been worrying about the swine flu so it may serve as some reassurance that the swine flu is not going around like it may seem. However it also tells people what they need to do and what they may want to expect.

Cause of death awaited on body of woman found today

The Star Tribune reported Wednesday morning that there had been a woman's body found on a sidewalk off of Edmund Blvd. in Minneapolis. The area is a generally dark and quiet area with not much activity besides a few scattered joggers and people walking their dogs. The cause of death has not yet been determined but officials are looking into it. Onlookers say that they get a lot of cars that just park there and do stuff.

This story has a great deal of proximity because the U of M is located in Minneapolis and several students live around the area and/or have stuff to do in the general area and an unexplained death may cause nervousness and anxiousness around the area.
There is some novelty in the story simply because the death is unexplained and that generally doesn't happen with deaths. Especially since the body was just left there on the side.
This story has great impact becuase death is always an emotional concept but especially since it is unexplained and foul play may factor in. In addition the body was on a sidewalk and a woman so she seems very helpless and victimized which impacts people.

Drunken man steals ambulance with patients inside

The Associated Press reported Tuesday that a drunken man stole an ambulance from a Wisconsin ski area with the patients inside.

The MN Daily reported on Tuesday that a program called the Enrollment Tracking system is helping CLA advisers to better keep track of their students. This program alerts counselors when a student drops/withdraws from a course or drops below the minimum 13-credits, or is not on track for graduating on time. Before this program was implemented counselors and advisors would have to manually go into the system and get this information themselves which would take a great amount of time. Plans to make this program accessible to the entire U are supposed to be completed within 18-months. Both students and advisers are seeing the benefits of this program as the counselor walk-ins and scheduled appointments have increased due to students feeling that someone knows what is going on with them and is able to alert them of what they need to know. Advisors like the program because it helps them access the information quickly and better keep track of the students.

This story is very relevant to the audience because as U of M students we want to make sure that our counselors know what is going on with our schedules and that they are informed with how we are doing in our academics.
It also has proximity because it is taking place at the University of Minnesota.
It has an impact because now students may have more confidence in their advisors and what information they can provide for them.
It may contain some novelty because this program is newly being placed in the entire university.
Also it is happening within the next 18 months.

Former Minneapolis cop indicted in bank robbery

The Star Tribune reported Wednesday that Minneapolis cop and former SWAT member, Timothy Carson, is being charged with one count of armed bank robbery and one count of firearms. The robbery occurred at an Apple Valley bank however it was not the only robber that Carson was involved in. He confessed to being involved in several other armed robberies that took place in the Twin Cities area. Carson currently faces a possible maximum penalty of 25 years for the count of armed robbery and a required seven years for the charge of firearms. Carson's next court date has yet to be scheduled.

This news story has relevance to the audience because everyone goes to banks and many people view the police as the protecting authority however after this people may view the authority as abusing their authoritative power and may lose trust in them.
In addition this story has proximity because the University Of Minnesota is located in Minneapolis, the same city that the cop served in. In addition several students commute from the Apple Valley area.
Also the piece contains novelty because a police officer robbing a bank is not something that happens everyday.
The impact the story has is probably the fact that people may become more suspicious of the police from here on and believe that if they are capable of this they may be capable of many other things.