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September Professional Development Event

Tate Showcase Session
Understanding Class and Classism in Higher Education
Minerva Munoz and Kirsten Collins

TRiO is a collective of nationwide programs serving students from low-income and first-generation backgrounds as they endeavor to succeed in higher education. As TRiO professionals we have first-hand experience with students living in poverty, as well as come from low-income, first-generation backgrounds ourselves. Our goal is to highlight and discuss the often unseen or ignored classism in higher education, as well as strategies for identifying classism in policies and everyday life.

Through current research in poverty studies, hands-on activities, and storytelling our goal is to provide participants with knowledge, tools and resources so that they may assist in creating inclusive, safe, and equitable environments for all students.

September 17th
9:00 - 10:30
Education Sciences 325

New AAN Board Members for 2014-2015

We are excited to announce the 2014-2015 Academic Advising Network Board!

Tracey Hammell (CEHD)
Jamie Schumann (CLA, President's Emerging Scholars)
Sarah Siems (CSOM)

Continuing Board Members:
Lisa Clark, CLA
Therese Djei, CLA
Alicia George, Humphrey School of Public Affairs
Julie Goepferd, UHP
Kai Takatsuka, CAPE

New Board Members:
Meghan Allen Eliason, CLA
Lauryn Doty, CCE PSEO
Jason Jacobson, CCE
Anna Mraz, CEHD
Robin Perez, CFANS
Jacob Rudy, CSE
Drew Smith, ISSS