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History & Mission

The aim of the Academic Advising Network is threefold:

  1. To promote access to high quality academic advising and service to students at the University of Minnesota;
  2. To heighten the University community's awareness of the important role of academic advising in implementing the institutional goal of excellence in undergraduate education;
  3. To advance the professional development of its members and to advance the practice of advising.

Academic Advising Network By-Laws


Since 1985, the Academic Advising Network has generated many activities. The nine-member board creates programs and sets agendas for the Network. As a result of Academic Advising Network activities, students reap the benefits of improved communication among advisors on campus. Collaborative advising efforts can improve the use of available resources and provide a measure of efficiency in the University system. As advisors share and gain information about campus resources and develop advising skills and strategies, they become more effective in improving the quality of undergraduate education.


The University of Minnesota Academic Advising Network includes and serves professional advisors, faculty members, administrators and others in academic and student affairs concerned with the intellectual, personal and educational needs of students. It provides a forum for discussion and the exchange of ideas and information regarding academic advising within the University community.

The Academic Advising Network was organized in 1985. All the Colleges of the University of Minnesota are represented and are all welcome to participate in the Network.

Download AAN By-Laws (PDF format)