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An Update from the Office for Public Engagement: A Community-Campus Network Event

Community-Campus Network presents:
Documenting Outcomes in Extension: 100 + Years of Engagement
Diana Martenson and Dick Senese

December 7, 12-1:30 in 12 Morrill Hall
(for a map, go to http://www1.umn.edu/twincities/maps/MorH/)
RSVP to axtel002@umn.edu

Please join us for all of our Network meetings this year, 12:00-1:30 on the following days:

January 4: Program Evaluation Example 2: How UROC Documents Outcomes
February 1: Program Evaluation Example 3: Long-term Impact of CURA Projects on Faculty, Students, and Community Partners
March7: Program Evaluation Example 4: Building Community Connections in CFANS
April 4: Recommendations from the Public Engagement Metrics Committee (PEMC)
May 2: Aligning Your Program's Metrics with PEMC