December 13, 2005


So i guess Tookie died...
this debate is beyond this one man. i for one don't believe in the death penalty so i reckon im a biased liberal already.

was it appropriate to kill a man because he killed someone? i will never know more than what i an eye for an eye splits the world and we all go blind. do i however believe in letting go of persons who commit horrendous crimes? not the least, lad.
in the movie Life of David Gale i was a bit taken aback at how flawed the justice system is in the US. It was an orchestrated act to put David in goal and eventually to the e- chair. it worked beautifully and left the legal system in the mud.

its not the exact scenario however my feelings hinge on the fact that after the said death penalty is 'practised' there's no turning back.

now back to tookie.

he was a bad man. but isn't he human (even if a bad one)? and isn't err to man?
apparently he's done a 180 turn in terms of his ganglife and its associations. good for him but too late for society riddled with gangs. he's denounced it and has apparently done enough to steer others off the path he took to get to where he is/was. ah ha! getting better.

My feelings are very down and i'm more saddened by the loss of a reformed man than the 'animal' he's portrayed to be. what feelings left now what? he's dead. did that bring back his supposed victims or reverse the formation of Crips? Nah.

If infact he did commit the crimes and didn't confess/apologize, wont letting him live longer make him look at himself and his past and be eaten up by his guilty conscience? he does have a guilty conscience because he showed remorse for his involvement in gangs so enough with the whole notion of Tookie and guilty conscience.

If he was guilty, i'm disgustedly happy for those who were calling for his blood. if he is innocent, i hope that spawns serious change in the legal system and the institution of the death penalty. for now however the facts are still mounting on if Tookie did or did not commit those 4 murders and i expect healthy debates over the death penalty not about Tookie.

now people are holding it against Gov. Arnie over his denial of clemency. i'd hate to be in that position because that wont be an easy task. in the end, i wont say if what he did was right or wrong but only sympathize with how tough it would have been for him to reach that decision. granted if he had granted clemency, he would have gotten an ear-full about it as well. however as a christian, i don't believe in this whole cry for blood. maybe as more of a post-modernist than christian, i don't believe in an eye for an eye.

May he and the countless victims of murder (of any form) rest in peace. let the debate rage healthfully and lets think before we speak. i'm holding my tongue henceforth.

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December 7, 2005

Still Bitchin about zee cold

so walking to school on the morning of 12/6/2005 i realized big reason why most people bitch about the cold...its too fucking cold to do anything else around this time of the year.

i mean seriously white folks, how do you get up on a hill and 'ski' downhill in seemingly deadly temperatures?
ok so check this out :
so its 835am and the thermometer reads -1 degF as i bundle up to head out on my trek to campus (and by campus i mean, Smith Hall). as i round the bend at the end of my block, i begin to wonder if i still had a nose. damn thing had already frozen off.

i get to smith hall after the worst 25 minute trek because halfway to campus....not even halfway...maybe a third of the way there, i realize i was having breathing difficulties. not cool but i manage to give myself enough to distract me till i get to the 4th floor of Smith and sought the nearest loo.

I had icicles in my nostrils! icicles but damn! and a chunk of ice just 'chilling' in that son-of a bitch!.


so i ask myself. why? why suffer this?
question of the season. ican't wait till finals are over so i can sleep and just not go out unnecessarily!

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November 18, 2005

Why is it so cold?

its extremely cold and that makes one not look forward to the 26 minute trek to Smith Hall.

i reckon in search of an excuse to not get moving i started a blog. what's up with that?!?

tis my 5th year as a chemistry major and i finally feel like one but alas...spending a lot of time at Smith isn't as much fun as it could be. i swear chemists are nerds! plus the workload piling up isn't much something one can ignore for too long.

well...researching with Distefano. very fun but tricky.

attending a school as massively huge as the U can be good but very bad in terms of academics and what is taught. this is what i mean; the classes are all 'theory'. nothing practical is learned until one decides to do research.

my roommate is taking my laptop now (bastard!) so i guess this is all i can blog.


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