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Diversity Analysis

The use of the term “The Dirty 30? indicates a predisposition toward detainees as dirty and dangerous in Guantanamo Bay, as described by the Telegraph.co.uk and the New York Times.

It denigrates the detainees and presumes guilt.

Granted, in the news organizations defense, it was a term adopted by the U.S. government to describe 30 of the roughly 255 prisoners held at the detention center.

The reports are telling, however, indicating the conflict between the U.S. and the prisoners. “I admit to you it is my honor to be an enemy of the United States,? a detainee being held said, according to the New York Times.

The story employs multiple quotes from prisoners to depict the torture and coercion they experience in captivity.
The depictions are somewhat stereotypical of our image of “terrorists? hating the U.S. and the quotes only perpetuate this familiar hatred.

Regrettably, just about anyone detained without recourse would experience similar contempt for their captors. Because of this experience, their hatred is justified, and the stereotypes, though predictable, are understandable.