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Minn. Senate Recount

The battle between Al Franken and incumbent Norm Coleman remains tense and close during a meticulous recount process, according to the Associated Press and the Star Tribune.

“Attorneys on both sides have already armored up for the next pitched battle; over whether to reexamine thousands of rejected absentee ballots,? the Star Tribune reported Sunday.

The last time such a protracted recount occurred was in 1962, that race “wasn’t resolved until the following March, when the candidate who initially appeared to win found his lead reversed and decided not to pursue further legal action,? according to the Associated Press.

Politics as usual back then as today, “There were lots of ugly accusations,? Tom Swain, now 87 told the Associated Press. “Accusations, acrimony – it was all flying, some of it was well-intentioned, and some of it was over the top.?

As of Saturday evening, Coleman’s lead over Franken had dwindled to 180 votes, according to the Star Tribune.

“If the Canvassing Board decides to review rejected absentee ballots, many still unexamined votes could get thrown into the mix, adding far more uncertainty,? the Star Tribune reported.