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Suicide Watch Records and Computer Assisted Reporting

In “The Suicide Bed: A Cover-Up At Western State Mental Hospital� Chris Halsne of KIRO 7 Eyewitness News examined medical records to reveal a “series of embarrassing mistakes that led� to a mentally ill man’s death.

Halsne used video footage along with documentation to reveal the neglect which led to the suicide.

Halsne determined that safety checks, mandatory every fifteen minutes to those patients in solitary confinement and on suicide watch, were not filled out.

He also found out that the psychologist assigned to monitor his case, was on vacation.

An internal memo revealed that the hospital recognized these short-comings, and indicated that they should first assign an available counselor, and second, bolt down the beds that were constructed to be immobile, but were never bolted down.

For computer assisted reporting, this reporter had to examine medical documentation and records of safety checks. He found that “An internal hospital monitoring sheet indicates nobody did that suicide check at 1:30 or 1 or 12:30 or noon."

He also examined the videotape of the floor that showed the staff sitting in the commons room.

“There are 12 employees in the day room just outside Gordon’s room 26. The tape shows several employees laughing and horsing around for nearly an hour while Gordon hanged in his room a few feet away,� the KIROTV.com article reported.